‘1 UP’, the brand new project of the Batwoman ‘Ruby Rose’ has officially announced their wrap-up!

After a series of adventuring production processes, the latest movie project of the Batwoman ‘Ruby Rose’ has officially announced their pack up! Ruby Rose, widely known as the Batwoman, has recently posted the news regarding the wrap up of her latest work ‘1 UP’.

Having fought a battle against mental depressions during her teen days, Ruby Rose had recently opened up about her ‘suicidal thoughts’ during her days of mental paranoia. After a chain of struggles born out of depression, Ruby Rose is back in action!

“That’s a wrap on 1Up.. I just arrived home and I’m so full of gratitude and love that I just might burst. There are too many people to thank, the producers of this film, lionsgate, buzzfeed and the amazing @kyle_newman moved mountains to make this happen. Schedules were changed, between the pandemic and schedules, I couldn’t get to Canada so they changed countries halfway through production to make this come together, when they could have easily recast.. At one point I even said “I really don’t want to put you guys out, I am in love with this role and it’s my dream to do a comedy and feel good film like this but I can’t sit by and let you go to these extremes all for me” and as I awaited the response naturally assuming it was time to be sad and try to keep my chin up and hope a role like this might one day come back around.. even my friends were calling me and texting to make me feel better about it and reminding me what’s meant to happen will happen.. and when I got the response back it was one sentence – “We don’t want anyone but you.. we will do whatever it takes” I could have cried.

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To everyone involved, to the beautiful cast who also had to adapt to all the road blocks but welcomed me with open arms like we had known each other forever.. Thank You. This film is special and I am beyond moved by this whole experience. Rain, hail, severe snow storm.. All of these things just made it even more special. Thank you thank you and I can’t wait for everyone to see it! Xx,” posted the Batwoman!

‘1UP’ has completed production: More details about the release date and plot is available now!

Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose

Completing the production of ‘1UP’, the actress has expressed her wholehearted gratitude to the crew behind the movie.

1Up will be the first movie released as the result of a joint partnership between Lionsgate and BuzzFeed, which has plans to “develop, produce and distribute socially relevant feature films with the aim of targeting millennial and Gen Z audiences.”

'1 UP' by Batwoman 'Ruby Rose' has officially announced their wrap up
‘1 UP’ by Batwoman ‘Ruby Rose’ has officially announced their wrap up

The movie follows a young woman named Valerie who “quits her college esports team, fed up with gaslighting from her male counterparts, and quickly realizes that her decision comes at the cost of her scholarship. But, she discovers a loophole to save her collegiate future: if she can find a coach and assemble a whole new varsity-caliber team capable of reaching the State Finals. Valerie turns to her professor, Parker Nesby, and together with Valerie’s best friend and fellow gamer Sloane, they form and train a rag-tag women’s team committed to taking down the boys that tried to shut them out of gaming in the first place.”

However, further news about the release date and trailer is not out yet. The world awaits!

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