112th Birthday To The Lord Of Cricket Donald Bradman

The lord of world cricket Donald Bradman is remembered at his 112 birthday anniversary. He is still the role model of cricketers around the world. It was an era when the fall of the first Australian wicket spelt catastrophe for the bowlers. Celebrations were muted, and voices hushed, in the face of their inevitable doom. The spectators would be clapping, not for the man going off, or the bowler; the applause was one of anticipation.

Donald Bradman Is Worshiped As The Best Batsman In The History

The Don was coming. The name ‘Don Bradman’ was causing a stir in the international cricket arena after his debut series. The sport of cricket has seen several good players and a few rare great players. Some who have achieved numerous moments of glory for their team, and others who have confounded of statisticians and romantics alike. None, however, have managed to stretch the imagination and drop jaws like the timeless giant who eclipsed the contemporaries of his domain across generations. 

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Several columnists and experts questioned his unorthodox bottom-handed technique, deeming it unsound for English conditions and his promise unfulfilled. Australia’s third-highest run-scorer with 2 fifties and 2 hundred at an impressive average of 66.80. Before the Australians toured England, Donald Bradman needed to do well for Australia to win, with a bowling side over-reliant on Grimmett. No comments were made by Donald Bradman in the build-up to the tour. It was the calm before the storm. Little did they know, that they had watched a demigod at an all-time low.

Donald Bradman
Donald Bradman

Sir Don Bradman passed away after a battle with Pneumonia on February 25th, 2001. For all his achievements in the cricketing world, Sir Don Bradman fell short of life’s final century – yet his legacy lives on forever. He was the human embodiment of brilliance – a substantial outlier in the cricketing realm. It was like watching Tendulkar bat in Mumbai, only rarer; like watching Ali at Madison Square Garden, only longer. He was the wizard who walked out with his willow and enchanted every living soul in the vicinity – a cynosure of all eyes, and a nucleus of a sport around which it revolves.

Donald Bradman once said  “I set great store in certain qualities which I believe to be essential in addition to skill. They are that the person conducts his or her life with dignity, with integrity, courage, and perhaps most of all, with modesty.” His remarkable career and personality still remain untainted.

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