123MKV: We won’t you go Illegal

123mkv is a private website infamous for allowing users to download pirated movies. This nefarious online portal is responsible for streaming the latest English, Bollywood. Tamil and Telegu movies.

Piracy has become an international concern as it has been affecting moviemakers world wide.  And also because of  steep increase in the field of broadcast and entertainment, the threat of piracy content has increased extensively, which in return put the producers and developer under constant fear of their content getting pirated.

There are specific ways the officials have figured out to protect the content against piracy. Hence right now there is a dramatic change in the landscape of piracy movies fewer people are downloading pirate movies to their computers via torrents and file lockers. This is mainly because there are downsides to downloading like, risks of malware, and being caught overall the process of downloading pirated movies has become mediated movies. 

Hence to provide the common pleb regarding such free torrent websites like 123mkv, we have drafted the article to give all the awareness and the consequences for visiting pirated websites like 123mkv.

What is 123mkv?

123mkv website is a notorious piracy website that provides a wide range of movies and preferences. One of the most infamous websites which are known to leak movies. These type of websites leaks movies without proper copyrights causing major trouble to the makers and media professionals. 

How do the 123mkv works? 

The 123mkv, as detailed above site follow the unlawful process; they get movies in the form of illegal copies from an untrustworthy source, and hence they host the copies themselves or sell it to other users to download, hence there is a massive amount of visitors visiting the site for the variety of movies and videos leaked. Which instead paves the way for such websites to generate a large amount of revenue. And as per law, these sites are banned, but they spring up in different domains. 

Is interfacing 123mkv safe?

Globally pirated websites are banned in some countries because of security concerns. As mentioned above, being a pirated website, there could raise a red flag about the legitimacy of the website. Hence it’s always risky to download movies from 123mkv, a site well known to be illegal; therefore, it’s best to choose a legal way to watch movies online as nowadays you can find a lot of legitimate sites free of cost. 

Can 123mkv leak the user’s information?

Since 123mkv earmarks as an illegal website, there is no security measure taken by the site, and hackers can effortlessly hack the user’s operating system. At the same malware can quickly sketch your device and confidential. There is no guarantee for its encryption.

Other Torrent websites like 123mkv

Torrenting isn’t illegal but downloading illicit content copyright without authorization is unlawful. Still, it’s not always immediately detectable which is content is legal to torrent and which falls under the gray area, which will unknowingly put yourself on the wrong side of the law. Hence to give you a brief idea about such illegal sites we have clustered a list of the same for your awareness. 

Legal Alternative of 123mkv 2020

There are certain things that a user has to keep in mind while using a website to watch movies. Among them is the security of the content uploaded on the website for the user’s consumption. Hence, on the whole, it’s secure to use a legal website to make your hassle-free.


The jeopardy of privacy, even though several steps to curb it, is still going on actively. Day by day, more devices are enhanced to use pirated movies

But as per legal clauses in any country, it’s a punishable offense to download. pirated content. Hence the article is drafted only to impart information about the website.


Universal news docs not promote piracy and strictly against plagiarized websites. This page aim only to pass information understanding the severe offense under the Copyright Act of 1957. We have written the article only for an information basis.

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