20 states in The U.S. can reopen on May 1: CDC Director

The CDC proposes a health strategy to reopen around 20 states along with the Federal Emergency Management Act. Director Robert Redfield in an interview with ABC ‘s “Good Morning America” mentions so many counties in the country which have not experienced coronavirus attack.

“There are around 19-20 states that really have limited impact. So I think we will see some states and assist with the reopening. We have a very productive public health relationship, and we continue to have that. ” Redfield added.

Watch: The US CDC Director about Re-Opening

Trump mentioned two days back on Monday evening where he was close to ending America’s coronavirus shutdown and restart the U.S. economy in some non-affected areas before May 1. He also stated about these 20 states which are well maintained and cab reopen quickly.

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The strategic plan has 3 specifications where a national communication campaign and assessment is done on May 1; increase production and emergency funding on May 15.

The third stage depends on local conditions after the execution of the above two strategies.

CDC Director Robert Redfield
CDC Director Robert Redfield

Even though some states are planning to be reopened on May 1, specific lessen measures would remain in effect in places where the virus has not taken its place.

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