Halloween 2020: Kim Kardashian Costumed as ‘Tiger Queen’!

The beauty queen Kim Kardashian West began her 2020 Halloween Day celebrations basked in ‘Tiger King’ costume. She was found super cute in her purr-fect tiger costume along with her kids who also wore the same. The American actress who just turned 40, followed her costume pattern adopted from one of this year’s most popular shows, the Netflix hit “Tiger King.”

She made her entire family dressed up in ‘Tiger King’ costume so as to incorporate the ensemble cue of the whole cast of the documentary series streamed via Netflix. She resembled a caring, loving and defensive tigress mother to her four cool kittens.Her kids North (7), Saint (4), Chicago (2) and Psalm (1) seemed to have a jolly good time in their matching tiger onesies and stayed in character while posing in front of a cage and practicing their roars.

Kardashian Family nailed their Halloween Costume with ‘Tiger King’!

The costume worn by the Kardashian family included a cheetah print blouse, matching shoes, long flowy hair, and in true Carole Baskin fashion, a flower crown. The entire Kardashian family looked stunning and dashing in their Halloween Costumes. The images of the star and her family clad in ‘tiger costume’ was shared through her Instagram post.

“Carole Baskin, Joe Exotic and our tigers,” Kardashian captioned her post. The ‘Skims’ creator also shared some behind-the-scenes photos and video footage of the crew on her Instagram Stories. “Are you a tiger?” she asked 17-month-old Psalm. “I just want to kiss you. Can mommy have a kiss?” In another Story, her 7-year-old daughter North can be heard singing a Tiger King-inspired rendition of Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage” that went viral on TikTok.

In the wake of Halloween Week, the multiple posts shared by Kim Kardashian in her Halloween costume went viral within minutes.

Recently the actress was at the center of media debates concerning her 40th Birthday celebrations which were celebrated with a trip to a private island accompanied by her dear and near ones.

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