21 missed playoffs of Toronto Maple Leaf after their last Stanley Cup victory

The professional ice hockey team based in Toronto lifted their Stanley cup last in 1967. The team missed out on their playoffs 21 times after their previous triumph.

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Toronto Maple Leaf’s Season’s from 1968-1978

1968- Finished fifth in NHL
1970- Finished sixth in NHL
1973- Finished sixth in NHL

Toronto Maple Leaf’s Season’s from 1979-1989

1982- Finished third in NHL
1984- Finished fifth in NHL
1985- Finished fourth in NHL
1989- Finished third in NHL

Toronto Maple Leaf’s Season’s from 1990-2000

1991- Finished fifth in NHL
1992- Finished third in NHL
1997- Finished sixth in NHL
1998- Finished sixth in NHL

Toronto Maple Leaf’s Seasons from 2001-2010

2006- Finished fourth in NHL
2007- Finished third in NHL
2008- Finished fifth in NHL
2009- Finished fifth in NHL
2010- Finished fifth in NHL

Toronto Maple Leaf’s Seasons from 2011-2019

2011- Finished fourth in NHL
2012- Finished fifth in NHL
2014- Finished sixth in NHL
2015- Finished seventh in NHL
2016- Finished eighth in NHL

After the Montreal Canadiens, it is Maple Leafs, who won the Stanley Cup championship more than any other team. The Maple leafs won the championship 13 times. However, they could not get back to their old performance since 1967, the last time they won Stanley cup. There are many fascinating facts about Maple Leaf.

Reports say that the NHL is going to start a 24 team playoff format, with Toronto Maple Leaf playing against Colombus Blue Jackets in their first round. A new format has been scheduled which is different from the initial one. The top-four teams would get a bye and there would be the best of five series and best of seven series afterward.

The new format is still pending and many critics argue about the expanded playoff system. Considering the present scenario of coronavirus the league has to adjust to finish matches successfully.

Toronto Maple Leafs
Toronto Maple Leafs

The fans of Toronto Maple Leaf believes their team and has encouraging them for long to lift another Stanley Cup, to bring back their power. However, it is just a matter of sports and entertainment. Thus it has to be taken in its spirit.

The very first year after winning the Stanley Cup, they lost the playoff for the first time since 1958, which was held at Maple leaf Gardens on January 16, 1968.

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