25% of Mail-In-Ballots Cast in Brooklyn Declared Invalid

Twenty-five percent of the Mail-In-Ballots cast in Brooklyn for Primary elections of June were declared invalid. Mayor Bill de Blasio revealed it on Tuesday as he called on the Board of Elections to shape up by November.

Above 120,000 absentee ballots were filed in King County for the Primary Election of June 23, but over 30,000 were initially disqualified.

According to Rodneyse Bichotte, head of the Brooklyn Democratic Party, it wasn’t the fault of the voters; the reason for the disqualification included a lack of postmark or late arrival. The Brooklyn debacle raises a troubling failure in a system that may be relied upon the election coming November with the pandemic raging.

“Americans should not have to risk their lives to participate in the most fundamental right of democracy,” Bichotte said. She blames the lack of federal funding for the US postal service.

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On Monday, prior to the reveal of the June primary election result, Federal Judge Analisa Torres ordered election officials to count thousands of mail-in ballots that had been invalidated. She reasoned that voters should not be penalized for what can be considered as circumstantial mistakes which are beyond the control of the voters such as ballots returned late or without postmarks.

Trump On Mail-In-Ballots

President Donald Trump has already questioned the efficiency of the postal service, calling it all ”hoax,’‘ if it is relied on with the coming November general election.

In a tweet against Nevada’s Governor, for allowing the Nevadans to cast their votes through the mail, Trump said “Post Office could never handle the Traffic of Mail-In-Votes without preparation.”


Trump has been making these allegations without proof. However, now with the Brooklyn mail-in ballots situations, Trump’s words are gaining weight.

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