5 Accidental Inventions that Changed the World!

‘Invention,’ a phenomenal process with which the world is reaching its pinnacle has to be acknowledged momentarily. Some of them are pre-planned with proper blueprint and formulae, some of them are experimental whereas some others are purely accidental. Either of the three cases, the outcome is always the same that it introduces the world to take a paradigm shift from what it used to be. It also helps the entire globe to take their baby steps towards development and progress. Here are a few accidental inventions that changed the world.

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Not all observations come from scientists who are fiddling within laboratories. Often it can also take place in our kitchens as well. One such invention which was born out of the kitchen is the all time delicious snack, the chocolate chip cookies!

Accidental Invention of Chocolate Chip Cookies
Accidental Invention of Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Toll House Inn in Massachusetts, where Ruth cooked for the visitors was owned by Ruth Wakefield and her husbands. One fine day she discovered that she was running short of melted baker’s chocolate in 1973 while making cookie dough. Hence she experimentally used a chocolate bar that she cut into small pieces instead, figuring out it would melt as well. However, it didn’t. But something new was born out of it. American’s favorite cookie! Taking a bite of chocolate chip cookies when you are too low always makes your day heaven. Isn’t it? Thanks to Ruth!

2. X-Rays

If your injury is an internal one, particularly your joints and bones, then depending on an x-ray is always advisable. But what is the story behind this epic medical invention?

The German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen once tinkered with a tube of cathode rays in 1895. To his astonishment he found that a sheet of paper when coated with Barium Platinocyanide shined throughout the ground. He realized that the cathode rays were not causing the flashing he saw and hence could not reach that far. He dubbed it x-radiation, representing the mysterious existence, without understanding what the rays were. Later he understood that these host of radiations produced rays that could impact photographic plates.

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He took an x-ray snapshot of his wife’s hand showing her bones and bracelet and there it is! The birth of x-rays, assuring his place in medical and scientific history! He received the Nobel Prize in 1901 for his epic invention.

3. Potato Chips

Are you hungry? Get hold of some potato chips! You would often say. But have you ever thought of how these potato chips that you are continuously feeding on took its birth?

The salty, greasy, cheesy and spicy, multifaceted potato chips are the most important edibles that a vast majority of Americans are feeding on. According to the reports, the Americans spend more than 7 billion dollars on potato chips alone!

Accidental Invention of Potato Chips
Accidental Invention of Potato Chips

In 1853, a restaurant cook George ”Speck” Crum from Saratoga springs was upset with the complaints of his wealthy patron who repeatedly returned his thickly cut french style potatoes, a common dish of the time. After the third return, he cut the potato into thin slices and covered them with a prohibitive amount of salt. The patron adored them and ordered them another round, much to his surprise. Invention of Potato chips, which changed the history of snacking, was thus born.

4. Matches

We should thank a British Pharmacist and his dirty mixing stick for those of us who want to produce a controlled blaze with a match hit. In 1826, while stirring a mix of chemicals John Walker noticed a dried lump on the end of his stick. There came sparks and flames when he tried to scrape it off.

Accidental Invention of Matches
Accidental Invention of Matches

Naming it as ‘Friction Lights’ he sold them at his pharmacy and thus the matches came to the world. Initially they were made of cardboard but he soon replaced it with hand cut three-inch long wooden splints. Although he was asked to patent his invention, he refused, as he considered the product to be a benefit for humanity.

5. Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses
Safety Glasses

Earlier users of automobiles have suffered from the gravest danger and damage from the broken glasses before seat belts and airbags were a part of the seat. Benedictus, a French chemist, and artist must be thanked for this serviceable invention.

The invention of safety glasses was purely accidental. One day a flask fell in his laboratory and to his surprise it didn’t break. He discovered that the interior was covered with plastic cellulose nitrates that kept the broken parts together. Thus the safety glass was invented.

Amazing discoveries are always special. Stay tuned for more amazing facts!

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