5 Amazing Facts you never knew about Israel!

5 Amazing Facts you never knew about Israel
5 Amazing Facts you never knew about Israel

Israel, the Biblical holy land of Jews, Christians and Muslims, is primarily known for its Middle Easter cultural implication and deserted landscapes. Sharing its borders with almost all important countries in Middle East including Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Palestinian territories, the land of Israel is both rich in human as well economic resources. Primarily acknowledged as the cradle of technological innovations, Israel is a land of great historical significance. Read out more to know about some amazing facts on Israel that the world is unaware of.

1. Eco friendly Nation

Israel is regarded as one of the most Eco-friendly nation around the world. According to the latest reports, Israel is the only country in the world that has more trees today than it had 50 years ago. It is said that Israel is the one and only nations in the world that entered the 21st century with more trees than it had 100 years ago. Wonderful, Isn’t it?

2. The land of Nobel Prize Laureates

Israel has one of the highest rates of Nobel Prize laureates per capita worldwide. Having proved their excellency in almost all the fields like literature, chemistry and physics, they have out numbered the Nobel Laureates from the developed countries. It is interesting to note that Israel has more Nobel Prizes per capita than the United States, France and Germany. It has more laureates, in real numbers, than India, Spain and China. If only scientific laureates are taken into account, Israel is 13th in Nobel prize per capita, just after Germany, 11th, and the United States, 12th.

So far 12 Israelis have won the Nobel Prize according to the reports in the fields of literature, chemistry and physics.

3. Israel, the land of Archaeological sites

The ancient land of Israel has thousands upon thousands of archaeological sites; 2000 of them are in Jerusalem alone. You can join a fun-filled day of sifting the earth in the City of David. Despite the importance of the country to three major religions, serious archaeological research only began in the 15th century.[1] The first major work on the antiquities of Israel was Adriaan Reland’s Palestina ex monumentis veteribus, published in 1709. Edward Robinson, an American theologian who visited the country in 1838, published the first topographical studies. Lady Hester Stanhope performed the first modern excavation at Ashkelon in 1815. A Frenchman, Louis Felicien de Saucy, embarked on early “modern” excavations in 1850.

4. Shocking victory over ‘Starbucks’

Israel is regarded as one of the most important and top most land for Coffees and Cafes. Israeli coffee is famous for its rich aroma and one of a kind taste. You can prepare it in two different ways: (a) The cooked version – “Kafe Turki” or nowadays “Kafe Shachor” (“black coffee”). (b) The uncooked version that is unique in Israel and they call it “Kafe Botz” (“mud coffee”). The grand record of Israeli coffee skyrocketed to such a hiatus that it became the the only country where Starbucks failed trying to break into the local market.

5. The Country with an ‘Underwater Restaurant’

Located geographically on the shores of the Dead Sea, Israel is the home to the lowest point on Earth. The Dead Sea is located 1315 feet below sea level. However, thanks to the water density and salt levels, there’s not a chance of sinking any further. Hence grabbing a bathing suit and sunscreen and lathering yourself with the abundant mineral-packed mud will be one interesting opportunity that the tourists shall be provided when you are in the holy land of Bible.

Apart from this Israel is also ranked as the one and only nation with an underwater restaurant! Amazing, Isn’t it? Anybody visiting Israel should not miss to enjoy a Middle Eastern meal with a difference at ‘The Red Sea Star’ underwater restaurant. Missing such a wonderful cuisine experience will be a great loss.