5 Best Methods to Watch Netflix with Friends far away like ‘Watch2Gether’

5 Best Methods to Watch Netflix with Friends far away like 'Watch2Gether'
5 Best Methods to Watch Netflix with Friends far away like 'Watch2Gether'

Having a fun time with friends is always an advisable escapade to fend off your stress and anxieties. Over the past one year the entire world has been caught under the unyielding grip of coronavirus, which literally tied human life to their own households. Going out, watching a movie together and having a gala time in this scenario became a risky enterprise. Don’t worry. Netflix has come to your rescue.

In the wake of a pandemic crisis Netflix has opened up a new platform that would easily enable its viewers to part together with their near and dear ones at long distance. Even though you are physically separated from partying together, the nuanced technology offered by Netflix shall make this dream of ‘getting together’ possible. Well, how is it possible?

One who is hooked up with You Tube on a daily basis may be aware of this particular mechanism. The app has its own player that lets you natively access content from YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, and SoundCloud.

Coming to Netflix, the worldwide online streaming platform hasn’t yet made itself compatible to ‘Watch2Gether’ technology. But the company has come up with a workaround. The beta W2gSync feature lets you paste a Netflix URL directly into a special window in your private room. When you start the video, everyone else will be able to see it. However, only the person who created the room and added the URL will be able to control it.

Use Watch2Gether to watch Netflix with friends far away
Use Watch2Gether to watch Netflix with friends far away

The following are the best 7 Methods to Watch Netflix with Friends far away like ‘Watch2gether’:

1. Telegram

Everybody is familiar with the app named Telegram which is mostly used to download movies as well as books. Being the most common mobile app for live chat and calls, Telegram has managed to gain worldwide popularity right from its inception. Telegram’s impressive list of features, especially from the standpoint of watching Netflix with friends and family is indeed helpful to host a watch party with friends.

2. Metastream

Metastream is a technology that will let you watch Netflix with your long distance friends via web browser.

In addition to synced Netflix playback, the Metastream interface provides a chatbox and video queuing for continuous watching. Inviting friends to join your Netflix party is as simple as sharing a private code.

Before you can use Metastream, you will need to download and install the accompanying browser extension. Extensions are available for Chrome and Firefox.

3. Scener

Using the Scener facility shall provide you with dual benefits. It not only lets you watch Netflix remotely with friends but also provides you with an accompanying chatroom that you can use to talk about the show in real-time.

But there are three steps involved in downloading Scener. Firstly, the app only works with the primary Netflix profile on any given account. If you share your account with someone else, make sure you select the main profile when setting up the viewing party.

Secondly, the maximum number of people who can watch concurrently in a room is 10.

And finally, only the room leader can pause and restart video playback. If you need a bathroom break mid-party, you’ll need to ask the room leader to stop playback.

Scener is available on the Apple App Store, Chrome Web Store, and Roku.

4. Netflix Party

Being a Google Chrome Extension, this is yet another best method to watch Netflix with your remote friends.

The extension synchronizes playback between everyone who’s watching, adds a chat window, and allows anyone who’s watching to play and pause the video. When someone hits the pause button, playback on everyone’s screen will stop.

Creating a session is easy. Just start playing a video on Netflix, hit pause, then hit the extension’s browser button in the upper-right corner of the window.

There are a couple of downsides. Firstly, chat usernames are not customizable. Secondly, the session will end upon the completion of a film or episode; if you want to watch a second video, you will need to make a new session and re-add everyone.

5. Kast

You can use Kast as a desktop app on Windows and macOS, or via a web browser. There’s also a mobile version for Android and iOS.

When using Kast, one person controls the stream via a proxy on the online portal. Anyone who is in the same room (called a “Party”) as the streamer can watch the show. Parties can be either private or public.

All of the Kast apps are free to download and use. You can upgrade to a premium version ($4.99/month) for improved video quality, a wider selection of reactions and emojis, and an ad-free viewing experience.

Now hurry up! Grab any of these methods and have a gala time with your pals. Enjoy!