5 Fascinating Questions about ‘Lupin Season 2’ and its answers!

Netflix has recently came up with a happy announcement about the first ever, exclusively reviewed, French web series ‘Lupin’ returning for yet another thrilling saga of adventures. Yes, Lupin Season 2 shall be released soon. According to the latest reports of Netflix, ‘Lupin Season 2’ shall hit the screen in summer 2021.Netflix confirmed in a blog post on January 28th that the next batch of 5 episodes will be dropping on Netflix at some point in the summer in 2021.

With his acting versatility, Omar Sy leading the role of the protagonist in ‘Lupin’ has won many hearts till the day. Now he is getting ready for yet another series of nail biting heists. But the fans have a number of fascinating questions concerned with ‘Lupin Season 2’ in association with the cliffhanger ending of ‘Lupin Season 1.’

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1. Who are the real culprits?

As far as ‘Lupin Season 1’ is concerned it has been successful in delivering umpteen number of twists. Following the story of Assane Diop (Omar Sy) who is on a mission to prove his father Babakar’s innocence, unfortunately gets accused and imprisoned for allegedly stealing a necklace once belonging to Queen Marie Antoinette from the Pellegrinis. Will he get his hands on the rich family who has fraud the case against him?- is one important question that has to be pondered upon.

Netflix shared Lupin Season 2 poster
Netflix shared Lupin Season 2 poster

2. Who will win? Pellegrinis or Assane?


Towards the end of season 1, fortune just slips away from Lupin as he loses one of his biggest allies in hard-hitting journalist Fabienne Bériot (Anne Benoît) in his schemes to take down Hubert Pellegrini (Hervé Pierre). A narrow escape for the Pellegrinis! Will he be able to get hold of the last straw towards his hope? – is yet another opening end that has to be answered. Will he be successful in exposing the illegal activities of the Pellegrinis

3. Hard Choices: Father or the Necklace?

Having been charged with the theft accusation, Assane is strenuously striving hard to unleash the net around him that is getting tightened day by day. In this effort, while his attention is diverted to the real culprits of the theft, will he be able to prove the innocence of his father?

Exclusive review about the unbeatable Charisma of 'Lupin'
Exclusive review about the unbeatable Charisma of ‘Lupin’

Continuously deferred from his goal of proving his father’s innocence, by getting trapped in a false theft case, the viewers are quite puzzled to know whether his father’s case has got some connection with the lost necklace. The current questions are primarily about discovering the uncanny connection between the thieves of the necklace theft and Assane’s father’s case.

5. Will Assane reveal his true identity?

Assane’s true identity as a thief is least known to his family members. Assane was always in the thick of his thievery, but his job was never much of a threat to his family because no one ever knew his true identity. Now that his son is kidnapped by the Pelligrinis, he is thrown at the verge of a defining point-whether to reveal his identity or not is a question.

With all the above questions, ‘Lupin Season 2’ is about to resolve the open ended mysteries left by ‘Lupin Season 1.’ Also, ‘Lupin’ has been a primary reason which made Netflix to hit million subscribers.

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