5 Hints you might have missed in WandaVision Episode 3 “Every Easter Egg”

Mystery is getting deepened when it comes to ‘WandaVision’ Episode 3 titled Every Easter Egg’! As the plot thickens here’s a few hints that you might have missed from the episode. Trying to analyse these clues, one would easily be able to decipher the riddled layers of the Marvel Comics ‘WandaVision’.

1. The Hexagon Shapes

The ‘Hexagon shapes’ that appear at the opening and closing sequence of the series could be regarded as a massive clue. This particular shape in fact lays a laser light focus on its one to one correspondence with the comics. This is the signature symbol of the villainous organisation ‘AIM’ or ‘Advanced Idea Mechanics.’ There do exist a cross reference of this organisation even in the movie ‘Iron Man 3.’ Also, towards the end of episode two one could easily identify the dressing style being switched on to the uniform pattern of ‘AIM’, leaving us the answer for their affiliation towards this mechanics organization.

2. The ‘mysterious’ red color

All throughout the the series, ‘red’ is a very important, dominant color which in one way or the other determines the progression of the events in the show. It appears on the toaster, the blood of Wanda’s hand, the helicopter,, all of whose background is etched on the black and white background. And it’s the first color that we see when the reality is colorized. Hence, red can be regarded as a connection to the real world, bringing back Wanda from her world of illusion.

3. Agnes’s Brooch

Agnes’s brooch is very pivotal hint as far as ‘WandaVision’ Episode 3 ‘Every Easter Egg’ is concerned. Her brooch has serious connection with the Marvel Comics and is directly symbolic of the one worn by Agatha Harkness who is Wanda’s mentor. The three women carved on the brooch reminds us of the three witches from Norse mythology. This doesn’t means that Agnes is a witch but she might be an agent of the witches.

4. Rewriting the Reality

One could also easily identify the fact that Wanda constructs and controls her own reality subconsciously within her own home and all over town. Getting butterfly sensation when her baby kicks being transformed to real butterflies, labor pain getting energized into fire, the bursting up of pipelines, rain inside their roof etc are some examples.

5. Commercials and Time symbolism

The repeated appearance of commercials like the ‘toaster with the tagline ‘Forget the past, this is your future,’ ‘Strucker Watch’ and the Hydra soap, which is a perfect escapade to the dreaming reality. All of these refers to time, count down. Analyzing these commercials in tandem with the life of Wanda, it indirectly ask her to ignore time and don’t think too hard about what’s happening to her right now. That’s why in episode 2 Wanda is almost pulled out of this fantasy by a clock. And hence they are in a way controlling Wanda and her time.

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