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    5 must-follow rules while visiting Ice Castles amidst Covid-19

    Ice Castles location

    The worldwide recognized and award-winning attraction, Ice Castles is returning to Dillon, Colorado, this winter season 2020-2021. The Ice Castles are built using thousands of ice spikes naturally formed which are all made by the magic hands of professional ice artists. There are currently 4 Ice Castles locations, all in the US which includes Midway (Utah), Dillon (Colorado), Lake Geneva (Wisconsin), and North Woodstock. This is the fourth year the Ice Castles have been in Dillon Town Park. Colorado’s location is the first to open this year. In previous seasons there were 6 Ice Castles locations though. The Dillon location announced their opening to the public will be on Saturday at 6 pm.

    The daytime visit allows you to watch the deep blues that the natural sunlight brings on the Ice and the details of the Ice Castles too can be magnificent to watch. At night it’s just majestic as the LED lights illuminate the whole of the Ice Castles and you can just watch them under the stars as if you are in a fairy tale in real life. Ice Castles are spectacular, must-watch winter phenomena that indeed bring a different world on Earth. You will get to experience breathtaking views of LED-lit ice sculptures, frozen thrones, ice-carved tunnels, slides, and fountains too.

    Daytime view
    Ice Castles : Daytime view

    Where to buy tickets and how much does it cost

    General tickets go on sale Friday morning on their official website. Pre-sale tickets were already available since early December. General tickets for 12 and up cost $17.99 Mondays through Thursdays and $22.99 during weekends. Child tickets cost $12.99 Mondays till Thursdays and $17.99 on weekends. Holiday Pricing (Dec.19-Jan. 3) is the same as weekend pricing. Ice Castles recommend people to buy tickets beforehand online to avoid any disappointments as onsite tickets might be available but for a non-affordable price. Ticket sales are final and dates and times may be changed as long as the changes are made at least 24 hrs in advance. However, officials at Ice Castles are requesting people to consider those if there is chilly weather approaching. 

    5 must-follow rules according to officials during the pandemic time

    Visitors to Ice Castles must follow certain rules as it’s not normal winter this year there is a pandemic situation still very much present among people. The major protocols required inside the venue are:

    1. The Ice Castles will be operating at a limited capacity.
    2. Strict use of masks by both the guests and staff.
    3. Six – feet are required between guests.
    4. Surfaces that are touched a lot like sliding mats, tablets used at ticketing areas will be sanitized regularly. There will be multiple sanitizing stations.
    5. Crawl spaces, slot canyons, and tunnels will be one-way whenever possible.

    However visitors to Ice Castles should always be wearing the right kind of boots, preferably winter or snow boots or even hiking boots will be the best, as the walking surface is made of crushed ice and snow. If there are small children people are supposed to bring a sled to pull them on instead of a stroller. It will take about 30-45 minutes in the castles, so coats, gloves, hats, and scarves, etc. will be necessary to keep you warm.

    Smitha Sarath
    Smitha Sarath
    Smitha Sarath is a science graduate and a former employee of Allianz Insurance UK as an assistant underwriter. She is very passionate about writing articles and news for online media.

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