5 Unknown Truths about Mike Pence

Want to know 5 unknown facts about Mike Pence? Well, lets dig deep!

Republican Vice President has most often maintained a low profile since he was always eclipsed by Donald Trump. Yet he had managed to make his way through during his eponymous debate conferences with his opposition candidate Kamala Harris, exhibiting his charisma on multiple levels. Here’s more about his personal as well as political history that probably you didn’t know.

1. Congressman for 12 Years, Hardline Conservative Record.

Introducing himself as “a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order,” Pence has expressed his loyalty with congress party in 2000. As a congressman, Pence held firm to his hardline conservatism, even when it brought him into conflict with his party. Being a man of conservative principle, he exemplified his opposition to the Bush administration’s No Child Left Behind Act and creation of Medicare Part D. Such hardcore conservatism helped him win reelection in Indiana five times from 2001 to 2013.

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Having won the elections, Pence fought for federal budget cuts before supporting aid to the victims of Hurricane Katrina and was among those opposed to the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), helping force Congress to give up plans to buy the most toxic assets from financial institutions.

2. Changing Party Ideologies.

Mike Pence With Donald Trump
Mike Pence With Donald Trump

Only a few may be aware of the fact that Mike Pence was a Democrat by birth. Yes, he was born and brought up in a family with strong Democratic affiliations. Pence, along with his five siblings, grew up in a tight-knit family that supported President John F. Kennedy. He attended parochial school through eighth grade followed by Columbus North High School. There, he volunteered for the Bartholomew County Democratic Party, and, in the 1980 Presidential election, Pence voted for Jimmy Carter.

It was during his college days that he switched on to the policies of Republican Party, inspired by Ronald Reagan. From then on he vowed himself to be an ardent republican follower.

3. A Dedicated Host to a Conservative Talk Radio Show

As a best host in a Radio show
As a best host in a Radio show

After embracing Republican identity, he went on to propagate his Conservative ideologies right from his youth. As a result of this he even hosted a Talk Radio Show rooted in rigid Conservatism. This radio gig hosted by Pence in fact paved his way to formulate his own election strategies, placing himself at the pinnacle of success as a valiant Republican from head to toe.

Realizing that his listeners were as upset with Republicans in Washington as they were with Democrats, Pence criticized both sides. As Politico put it: “The result was a political figure still as stolid as a small-town banker but with a surgeon’s feel for the anti-Washington feelings of the grassroots Midwest — a tea party conservative before there was a tea party.”

4. An Unfriendly Leader to the LGBTQ: Controversies and Struggles

He opposed politically expanding LGBTQ rights
He opposed politically expanding LGBTQ rights

Pence served one term as governor of Indiana from 2013 to 2017. When he got enrolled as the Governor his platform focused on tax cuts and job growth. But nobody knew that he would hit something controversial. He signed into law a $1.1 billion tax cut, delivering on the first half of that platform. He also signed legislation creating the state’s first pre-K funding program and allocating state funding to infrastructure projects.

But the problem popped up when his legislation allowed businesses to refuse to serve customers trying to purchase goods or services for same-sex weddings. This was followed by a severe backlash from both moderate Republicans and some corporations, many of whom threatened to pull out of the state. Ultimately, Pence altered the bill to provide exemptions to protect LGBTQ people from discrimination. Pence encountered similar resistance in 2016 when he signed a bill that, among other things, prohibited abortions when the fetus had a disability.

5. Proponent Cum Opponent to Trump’s Policy Positions

Having found next to Trump, like a constant shadow, Pence can be stamped as both a proponent as well as an opponent to him. Both Pence and Trump share many policy positions together.

Mike Pence, a proponent Cum opponent to Trump's Policy Positions
Mike Pence, a proponent Cum opponent to Trump’s Policy Positions

Like Trump, Pence opposes amnesty for undocumented residents, supports increased border security, and wants strict enforcement of laws preventing undocumented immigrants from working in the U.S. Both men favor strong national defense and increased military spending. Both are strong supporters of Israel, have the endorsement of the National Rifle Association, and oppose regulations to limit carbon emissions. Both Pence and Trump oppose abortion, although Trump adopted this position more recently than Pence. And while Pence is a fiscal conservative, both men favor lower taxes. Even when their views diverge, such as is the case with Trump’s large deficit spending compared with Pence’s strict fiscal conservatism, Pence has kept quiet. This loyalty has earned Pence frequent praise from Trump.

But he has also expressed his disagreements with Trump in many affairs. There are some instances where Pence has vehemently opposed Trump’s take on some specific events.

One such incident is concerning Trump’s Muslim Ban. On a fine day an abrupt decision came from Trump where he called for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration to the U.S. The next day Pence tweeted in stark disagreement saying, “Calls to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. are offensive and unconstitutional.”

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