57 Buffalo city police officers in New York resigned

At least, 57 members of the buffalo police riot response team, New York resigned from the team on Friday on behalf of the suspension of two colleagues for pushing a 70-year-old man to the ground outside the city hall during the occurrence of the protest, the local media reported.

Within the 24 hours after a 75-year-old man was pushed on the ground outside the City Hall by members of Buffalo police department, on behalf, all 57 members of the team resigned from the unit.

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The group’s resignation came after the member of the team that deals with the riots and other crowd control situations, were suspended after the incident of the video was released in local radio stations.

The Incident happened during the protest in Niagara Square there was an emergency curfew, a protest against the death of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police officer, which has lurched the entire nation.

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A spokesperson for the local county’s district attorney, Kait Munro, said the two officers are under investigation for potential criminal liability in connection with the incident.

Buffalo City Mayor Comments

The Buffalo city ‘Mayor Byron Brown’ on Friday said “ that contingency plans were in place to address any policing issues due to the resignations. He said he believed the Police Benevolent Association put pressure on officers in the tactical unit by threatening to withdraw support to them if they did not resign from the team.” Brown said in a television interview with CNN. 

“ I don’t think unions should behave that way. That was not an act to protect the worker. That was an act to intimidate the police officers and to not protect the residents of our community,” he added.

Buffalo police
Buffalo police

The video of the incident shows one officer pushing a white-haired man Martin Gugino of Amherst, Gugino fell to the ground, his head strikes on the sidewalk and blood oozes from his head.

Even New York Governor Andrew Cuomo criticized the act saying, “You see that video and it disturbs your basic sense of decency and humanity,” Cuomo told reporters at a daily briefing.”Why, why, why was that necessary? Where was the threat?” he said.

He also added “ The city should commence a process to fire the officers and for Flynn to “quickly” commence a probe for a possible criminal charge.”

On the whole, there was a question raised against the police officer’s behavior towards common man after the death of African-American man George Floyd in Minneapolis which led to nationwide protests.

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