‘6’ Strange but True Facts about ‘Lucifer Season 5’

Being a fun, dark fantasy, devilish drama streamed via the most popularly watched online platform Netflix, Lucifer has now topped the list of worldwide favorite web series. As the series is heading towards its end with ‘Lucifer Season 5 part 2’ getting released soon, there are some strange but true facts that you need to know about ‘Lucifer Season 5’. This may sound uncanny. But its the truth, bare truth! Read the following to know more about it.

1. Low ratings on Fox

Despite being the most preferred iconoclastic series of all times, Lucifer was ranked with low ratings on Fox. Shocking, isn’t it? This became one of the most important reasons to call off the show after season 3. But fortunately the entire crew experienced a resurrection after which they got renewed for what was supposed to be the fifth and final season.

tom ellis as lucifer
tom ellis as lucifer

Of late, ‘Lucifer Season 5 part 1’ was released and now its getting ready to set the ball rolling with the latter part, ‘Lucifer Season 5 part 2.’ A bizarre resurrection of the devil!

2. Religious petitions and cancelling of the show

Right from its inception, the glorified image of the devilish angel ‘Lucifer’ was constantly treated with strong detention and discontent. It is said that there were a number of religious petitions filed against the streaming of the web series with ‘Lucifer’ as the titular character as they felt that it would harm the religious sentiments of the Christian folks.

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Many websites submitted signed petitions to get the series canceled on the grounds that it promoted evil beliefs and mocked Biblical teachings.

The One Million Moms website of the American Family Association submitted a petition where parents raised concerns about the ways that the series misrepresented Satan as an anti-hero rather than evil personified and supposedly made a mockery of the Bible. Obviously, these campaigns didn’t work.

the lucifer fame tom ellis offers a sneak-peek into his new devil images
the lucifer fame tom ellis offers a sneak-peek into his new devil images

3. Nude scenes and Reality

Though it narrates the tale of a celestial and fallen angel, sexual elements and erotic colors has been an integral part of the series. All the demonic characters even Amadiel and Mazikeen happily take part in satisfying their sexual hunger.

Lucifer Cast
Lucifer Cast

As far as the character of ‘Lucifer Morningstar’ is concerned, which is played by Tom Ellis, it is said that instead of using a double body, Ellis did his own nude scenes, sending fans into a wild frenzy. To be honest, they can hardly be blamed since Ellis really does pull it off!

4. Lucifer and Bible

Season 5 Lucifer
Season 5 Lucifer

In reality, the series ‘Lucifer’ has nothing to do with the story from the Bible. Instead, it is based on the DC Comics story of Lucifer. The character of Lucifer Morningstar was originally a supporting character in the DC Vertigo comic book The Sandman written by Neil Gaiman, which later spawned the spin-off Lucifer with the bored Devil — who did in fact go to Los Angeles to take a break from managing eternal damnation — as its protagonist. Hence the series has got no one to one correspondence with the religious sentiments of Christianity.

The 'real face' of Chloe Dekker in 'Lucifer season 5 part two'
The ‘real face’ of Chloe Dekker in ‘Lucifer season 5 part two’

5. Tom Ellis, the singer: The uncanny coincidence

Being a supernatural drama that gives much more importance to music, it was indeed a strange finding that Tom Ellis who is casted in the role of Lucifer is actually a skilled singer. An uncanny coincidence in every sense!

It was discovered later that the actor sang his songs, although the piano isn’t played by him. He did play the trumpet and the French horn in his younger days, but has stated that the piano was never his forte.

6. #SaveLucifer and #PickUpLucifer: The Ironic campaign

'6' Strange but True Facts about 'Lucifer Season 5'
‘6’ Strange but True Facts about ‘Lucifer Season 5’

Saving the devil may sound a bit ironic. But that is what literally happened with the web series ‘Lucifer’. The umpteen number of campaigns waged to ‘save Lucifer’ like SaveLucifer and #PickUpLucifer proves this irony.

When FOX decided to cancel the show, fans cooked up a Twitter storm by starting the campaign #SaveLucifer to bring it back. The #SaveLucifer campaign was soon coupled with another watchword: #PickUpLucifer.

The uproar on social media paid off when Netflix finally revived the beloved fantasy drama for another season. It’s no wonder the series has had such an uneven run of episodes, with seasons once having 10 episodes before getting the episode count bumped up to 26.

As a response to this a deed of thanks giving was performed by the entire crew by naming the penultimate episode of Season 4 “Save Lucifer,” which in reality contributed to the unfolding of yet another segment ‘Lucifer Season 5.’

Stay tuned for more ‘devilish facts’ about Lucifer’!

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