A New “At Home Test” For Diagonising COVID-19

‘Care Research Access’ in conjunction with the ‘FDA’ leads to a clinical trial of breakthrough corona virus.

BOSTON: “Care access Research” a national network of clinical research in conjunction with FDA announced a leading validation trial for a new “At Home test” for covid-19 developed by a private genomic lab that produces DNA screening kits.

Watch: Things to know about ‘At Home Test’ for Covid

Several clinical research sites in the US are validating the process and expect the results in weeks. It needs almost 500 volunteer patients to regulate the accuracy at diagnosing the COVID-19 disease caused by the pandemic novel coronavirus ( SARS – CoV-2) sweeping the globe.


Additionally, the new at-home test could avoid the overwhelming of patients in hospitals and enhance social distancing.

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“Reliability and safety come first, which is why it’s so important to complete a validation study of the new at-home COVID-19 test as soon as possible,” said Namvargolian. “Care Access Research can respond quickly because we manage so many research sites with superior standard operating procedures, good clinical practices, and centralized support teams, all with a proven record of connecting volunteers to clinical trials and completing high-quality studies fast.”

Diagonising COVID-19
Diagonising COVID-19

If the FDA approves the new test, then it will be a great success, offering similar procedures as taken for currently available at-home genetic test kits that screen DNA for a variety of medical conditions.  Patients can order packages, take a personal biomedical sample at home, ship their samples to the lab for analysis and get test results on time.

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