‘A Promised Land’: Here’s why Obama dedicated his memoir to his wife and daughters

For the past couple of days, all the book worms are at the verge of anxiety and enthusiasm! The brand new worded creation of Barack Obama, his memoir titled ‘A Promised Land’ has made them restless like a sea. Recently the former President has been constantly acquainting us with the novel updates of his memoir via his social media platforms. Of late, he came up with the reason behind him dedicating his memoir to his wife and girls.

Obama took to his Instagram page to post the answer to the question what made him dedicate his memoir to his wife and girls.

‘The fact that my own father was largely absent from my childhood helped shape my ideas about the kind of father I intended to be. When Malia was born, I made a promise to myself that my kids would know me, that they’d grow up feeling my love keenly and consistently, knowing that I’d always put them first. While serving as President, I made sure to have dinner with Michelle, Sasha, and Malia every evening by 6:30. We’d eat some good meals and catch up on our days.

Janet Yellen and Barack Obama
Janet Yellen and Barack Obama

That was one of the best parts of living above the store, as I sometimes called it. Seeing them grow up into the intelligent, strong, and compassionate young women they’ve become has been the greatest joy of my life. I’m reminded constantly that there’s no place in the world I’d rather be than with Miche and our girls—and it’s why I’ve dedicated my memoir to them’-posted the former President.

Obama With Family
Obama With Family

Obama dedicated his memoir to his wife and daughters!

Begetted by a single mother Obama had always experienced the bitterness caused by the lack of his father by his side. This childhood which was mostly survived without his father has played an important role in shaping his ideas about what of father he should be in his life,stated Obama. Even in the midst of presidential duties he managed to have dinner with Michelle, Sasha, and Malia every evening.Thus he made sure that his responsibility both as a father and a husband was perfectly made, said Obama.

Speaking about his wife and daughters he is full of words and impassioned love is best revealed through this very post.

His memoir ‘A Promised Land’ is scheduled to be released on November 17th, Tuesday.

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