A Rebirth of Discarded Batteries – The Audi supports Nunam

The nonprofit start-up company, Nunam is supported by the Audi Environmental Foundation. The 29-year-old Prodip Chatterjee is the founder of the company and works for the prevention of premature recycling of electronic waste. The battery cells from discarded laptops are brought from the scrap dealers and recycle them into stationary energy systems.

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It can be used as power banks and can supply electricity to items that consume small amounts of power such as smartphones, fans, lamps, etc. It can also be used as a power source for people living in rural areas of India. Thus scrap wastes collected from the Indian state of Karnataka is being effectively utilized to light up the life of many and thus avoiding the pollution too.

The managing director of Audi Environmental Foundation, Rudiger Recknagel said, “Technology is most environmentally friendly when it remains in use as long as possible. If we can do it for other purposes after their initial use, we can save energy and raw materials and reduce the amount of electronic waste. Effective cycles are an important lever for conserving resources”. Nunam has also found that old laptops have two-third of the average remaining capacity which is being wasted.

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Therefore, the projects aiming for the environment-friendly usage of technology would be supported by the foundation under the “Greenovation” action area. These recycled power banks are more innovative as well as eco-friendlier and only less amount of raw materials are needed. Thus raw materials and energy would be conserved at the production phase. Moreover, reusing the materials reduces the number of scrap wastes and avoids landfilling and other methods which are hazardous to our nature. This source also protects our environment by using solar energy instead of coal-based electricity and much more.

A Rebirth of Discarded Batteries
A Rebirth of Discarded Batteries

“We are creating win-win situations: Old battery cells that would otherwise end up in residual waste are first reused and then disposed of properly. Scrap dealers earn money by reselling to us and Indian families and merchants benefit from affordable power banks. A five-year-old laptop can serve as a light source for Indian fruit and vegetable merchants at a market, can power a small fan or charge a mobile phone.” said Prodip Chatterjee, the co-founder of Nunam.

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