Aaron Gordon joins in the Top Chinese sports brand 361º family

Chicago: Orlando Magic’s Aaron Gordon Joins in Top Chinese Sports brand 361º. He Signed in a partnership agreement to be the face of their basketball division. This partnership includes Aaron Gordon signature shoe and apparels. The company committed to supporting his charitable initiatives and Foundational works.

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361º hopes this partnership will promote the mentality and encourage of the youth to engage in sporting activities. Bringing Aaron Gordon to China, to promote and develop the sport of basketball is also a major focus of this partnership. This opportunity will help kids to love the game and learn to appreciate it.

“We are excited to have Aaron Gordon join our 361º family. Not only is he a great player in the NBA with rare explosive power, strong running and jumping ability and excellent physical coordination but equally important, we love the fit between our brand and what he stands for as a person. This partnership will allow us to continue to strengthen our professional basketball performance products while at the same time help further embrace and grow our youth following. We firmly believe this partnership will further underline that 361º basketball is becoming the engine of the brand .”

Zheng Yexin, General Manager of 361º

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Aaron is in his sixth season with the Orlando Magic. He is ready to lead the Magic back to the Competition.

“I am excited to be a part of the 361° family and support them in their ambitions to continuously improve their products and to grow their brand in China and abroad. This partnership gives me an opportunity to support 361 in their ambition to give back to the community, grow the sport in China while at the same time allowing me to leave my own mark on the basketball community in the United States, China and globally,”

Aaron Gordon
Aaron Gordon
Aaron Gordon

“Lastly, I have the opportunity to help build a brand and have complete input on designing shoes and apparel. I have always had design aspirations, so this is very exciting for me. “

Aaron Gordon

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