Afdah: Watch Your Favorite Movies & TV Shows


Afdah, a most fabled illegal HD movie website known to leak recently released movies, watching these movies falls into a legal grey area, according to FindLaw. This site indexes movies from all over the Web.

While some people opt to watch films in a cinema hall or prefer to subscribe to other entertainment apps, some download it from various pirate sites out of one is Afdah website, people all over the world, especially in the US ingress to the site to download Hollywood movies. You can find the latest releases that are playing in theatres. To Know all the Pros and Cons and to get a database collection of videos, please read and relish the article till the end. 

Want to know about Afdah?

Afdah is one of the most fabled illegal movie websites, known to pirate films from theatres, which is a crime as per law. But still, some movie streaming enthusiasts apart from the illegitimate even choose to go for such sites. Its an online streaming site that indexes the latest movies from the repository and uploads on their websites. Anyhow it always hallmarks a notice on the sidebar of all its pages, which explains that the site never hosts any films it indexes, which explains, Afdah shall not be liable for any kind of legality or illegality of the film one can find and watch the movie.

The most exciting part is, it doesn’t charge a penny for downloading provides direct streaming without any ads and subscription fee. There are more than thousands of movies, and TV shows, web series, which you can quickly sort by date of upload or genres, The website also provides to get recommendations to watch movies as per your interest. Apart from being user-friendly, the site regularly updates with the latest digital stuff. Furthermore, keeping in mind its user’s convenience, the site provides a categorized and organized content layout. Other than that, it is applicable in all kinds of devices like Laptops, mobiles phone all sorts of tablets.

Is Afdah blocked in some countries?

Yes, recently got expelled from Google’s website. Since some of the countries governing law don’t allow pirated sites, Afdah has been one of them. But still, the show must go on we can find Afdah movies shifted from its old origins to a few new domains known as mirror sites. Its nothing but a replica of the original site with identical content. Following this procedure, Afdah continues its operation to serve its million movie lovers.

Afdah movies new streaming sites with new domains

Regardless of being held by various directorial bodies, being asserted for leaking fulsome contents, and later being banned, still, Afdah will continue spurting. It has carted its entire content base from its primary field to a few other new domains- which are usually called mirror sites. These are nothing but facsimiles of original sites and identical host contents. Switching to this concept, Afdah has started its new domains to serve millions of its movie lovers.


While you can likely use this platform by using the above links to watch the latest Hollywood HD movies, it’s advisable not to use such illegal sites and prefer to see films in cinema halls.

Similar Websites alike Afdah

Afdah is one of the most populous websites owing to a global Alexa Rank of 7,823. As per the database of, it indicates that 5.62 pages of this site are browsed by per user. But still, you can find even other websites with free movies with the current hits. Find below a cluster of HD movie streaming sites.

  • 123Movies
  • Bolly4u
  • Todaypk
  • 9Xmovies
  • Filmyzilla
  • Jio Rocker
  • Yes movies
  • Madras Rockers
  • TamilGun
  • Teluguwap
  • Movierulz
  • Tamil rockers

Categories of Movies available on Afdah

  • Action 
  • Mystery
  • Fantasy
  • Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Documentary
  • Sci-Fi
  • Horror
  • War
  • Thriller
  • Sports
  • Romance
  • Web Series
  • TV Series
  • Kids show
  • Drama

How to Download Movies from Afdah?

It has an enormous collection of movies but needs to take specific steps to download the films. Using a third-party tool is an efficient method to download films.

Find some basic steps

Step1:  You cant download Afdah movies directly. Need to use a video recording software to record the films and then search the video you desire and all you need is to copy the URL from the address box.

Step2:  The first step was not that complicated right same applies for the second step, after obtaining the URL search a video recording software in any search engine like google/yahoo and find video recording software e.g., 9xbuddy.

Step 3:  Then you are almost close to it you could find a big rectangular box with the minions as “ Enter the URL of the video you want to download”, just paste the URL in that box. Once the link is pasted click the download button or if your using a laptop just press enter key.

Step 4: Then the final last step your media file will start downloading, you can select your desired video quality and your movie is ready to watch without any much hassles the mission is complete.

What should be done when the Afdah website is down?

To be a pirated website, sometimes online content may not be available as ISP services will block this website’s address to avoid illegal piracy. As a result, the sites may crash, but it could quickly go around.

The main reason why the users use mirror sites is that the website is blocked in many of the countries. However, there is a better solution to unlock utilizing a VPN to open or go for alternatives.

Best 5 VPN Services for Streaming Movies

  1. Pure VPN
  2. Nord VPN 
  3. Express VPN
  4. VPN Book
  5. Cyber Ghost VPN
  6. Tunnel Bea

Afdah latest Movies leaked in 2020

Watch 2020 Adah Movies free streaming online in 720p HD cinema quality. Download the latest upcoming movies with a superfast speed internet, take look to the list of Holly wood Movies-

  • Dating Amber 2020
  • Infamous 2020
  • Artemis Fowl 2020
  • Da 5 Bloods 2020
  • Darkness Falls 2020
  • Legacy 2020
  • Becky 2020
  • Think like a Dog 2020
  • The Reach 2020
  • Gabriels Inferno 2020
  • Intuition 2020
  • 100 Wolf 2020
  • Scoob 2020
  • Survive the Night 2020

Is it safe to watch movies in Afdah?

Afdah is safe but not a legal site to watch movies and TV shows. It’s a site where you can use the content online. But being a website operating illegally, it’s safe to use an adblocker. Too many adds pop in such sites that if clicked mistakenly will redirect you to another site, which will be unsafe.

Moreover, being a pirated movie website, the law prohibits a person from visiting such pirated sites. It’s an offense even though if you prefer to go for it, and we strongly recommend you to have sufficing security measures to use VPN, antivirus software while streaming these platforms.

Does Afdah put a price on downloading movies?

Afdah is a platform that provides its services free of cost, a website that downloads and plays videos and shows from all over the world and displays them without any subscription charges to get installed.  A totally free film website, not a penny to be spent.

Does Afdah movies index movies from world languages?

Afdah provides a unique option rather than any other movie sites, on the arraying front-page, you can find the latest HD films and extra. Moreover, the most catchy part to be noticed is the website doesn’t solely host only Hollywood films we can see movies from worldwide in different languages.

Additionally, there is a negation that states Afdah doesn’t host films or save any data in its server. But instead, it gathers and indexes content material from different film repositories, so it’s not liable for lacking films, deletion, copyright infringement, and extra.

Regional films provided by Afdah

  • Indian 
  • German
  • Pakistani
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Documentaries
  • Indie films 
  • Quick movies

Afdah movies reviews

Afdah is a website that plays movies, TV shows, and series in an embedded Java Script player, which works on a desktop computer and even mobiles.

To be added it is the second known online TV website where you can check out O2TV series  Each movie and TV show in the site provides a succinct description, IMDb rating, poster, and various other assorted information which makes a user pick up something worth.

What is the approximate worth of the Afdah Website?

As per the reports from, a website that gives details of worths of different websites declared the Afdah website worth to be around US$ 23,210,00, This estimation is automated by WOWC, based on its public traffic and ranking data, including a data from As a result, it affects the movie’s business severely.


We hope the article could give you complete awareness of the free website Afdah, a popular online streaming site that brings fresh movies, TV shows to its viewers all around globally. The only weak point to be noted is it’s banned in some countries; hence you can prefer a reliable VPN service or go for the option of alternative sites.

Note: We don’t promote piracy and fully comply with the copyright clauses and advise our users to be very much vigilant by using such illegal websites.