‘After Ever Happy’, to be released soon after ‘After We Fell’:The expected release date is out now!

The ‘After’ magic is still hovering in the air. The steamy romance between Tessa and Hardin which was left half way through ‘After We Collided’ shall be fulfilled through the upcoming third and fourth franchise, ‘After We Fell’ and ‘After Ever Happy’ respectively. The second franchise ‘After We Collided’ managed to garner a heartwarming welcome both among the ‘Afternators’ as well as the movie buffs worldwide. Recently the crew posted the wrap up of ‘After We Fell’ as well as ‘After Ever Happy’ which has lighted up a beam of hope in all the ‘Afternators’. Now all you need to know is about the release dates. Well, its here!

Considering the third franchise of the ‘After’ series, ‘After We Fell’, the recent reports say that it shall be released soon. All the production process of the movie is completed and the announcement came directly from both Hero Fiennes Tiffin (Hardin) and Josephine Langford (Tessa).Both the actors took to the official Instagram page of the movie to announce that soon they will arrive to see the audience.

'After Ever Happy' to be released soon after 'After We Fell'
‘After Ever Happy’ to be released soon after ‘After We Fell’

However, there’s no news from the crew about the exact release date of ‘After We Fell’ yet. Also, coming to the trailer, there’s no real way of telling when footage for ‘After We Fell’ will be available online. For now, you can watch the first film ‘After’ as well as the second ‘After We Collided’ on Netflix. This means you have to wait a bit more to watch the upcoming sequels in cinemas.

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‘After Ever Happy’ Spoiler alert!

Only after this third franchise, the ‘Afternators’ will get an opportunity to watch their favorite couple Tessa and Hardin through ‘After Ever Happy’ only after the release of ‘After We Fell’. That means you will have to hold back yourselves a little longer.

However, we shall have a look at what shall probably happen in the lives of Tessa and Hardin in ‘After Ever Happy’. The movie, based on the novel series under the same title by Anna Todd will definitely confine to the plot from the novel.

Hardin and Tessa in 'After Ever Happy'
Hardin and Tessa in ‘After Ever Happy’

After discovering his dad is actually Christian Vance, the publisher and not Ken, Hardin loses it. He boycotts his mother’s wedding, dumps Tessa while they’re in London for the wedding, brawls and sets his childhood home on fire. Meanwhile, a broken Tessa is trying to deal with the news that she likely won’t be able to have children.

She leaves London alone, going home to their apartment to pack it up only to discover her father’s corpse. She’s alone, bereft without Hardin and her mother. In her grief, Tessa curls up beside the body and holds on to it, eventually coming out of her disconnected state at her mother’s house a few days later. The rest of the novel spans decades, following Hessa through engagements, miscarriages, parenting and more.

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