‘After We Collided’: Fan Favorite Moments revealed!

Having mustered a wide viewership so far, the movie ‘After We Collided’ has conquered many hearts! Being one among the most-watched adult romantic dramas, the second sequel in the ‘After’ series is still afresh in the row to further journey to grand success.

Tessa and Hardin
Tessa and Hardin

Recently the ‘After movie’ official Instagram page invited the ‘Afternators’ to come up with their favorite and cherished moments from the movie ‘After We Collided’. The responses they received were immense and beyond expectations. The best among them were sorted and posted as the Instagram story which in fact was momentous in luring a wider audience.

‘After Fans’ and their favorite moments from ‘After We Collided’ caught the public eye!

Fan made poster of After We Collided
Fan made poster of After We Collided

A few of their favorite reactions were posted in the Instagram story. The fans claimed that they watched the movie more than once in the past few days and are not at all exhausted with their repeated views. One among them stood right in front of the theater and said that she was making it out for the fifth time. Many others expressed how wonderfully it played with their emotions that made them literally bawl their eyes out. Also the movie was so powerful that it encouraged many to find its roots by reading the novel by Ann Todd from which it was adapted.

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It was discovered that the Yoga scene from the movie seemed to be one of the most enjoyable and favorite moments for many alternators. Struggling with their fissured relationship both Tessa and Hardin attempt to attend yoga classes. But the classes turned out to be a floor for their juicy romance with some sexy dialogues. The after fans watching the steamy yoga, glued to their sofas shared their reaction videos which were indeed impressive.

Along with this the epic scenes where both Hardin and Tessa confess their feelings were also posted by the crew. The romantic wordplay like ‘You are the only one’ and ‘Don’t say too, it sounds like you are agreeing with me’ were some of the most repeatedly chosen favorite love statements which created goosebumps for the fans.

The movie ‘After We Collided’ was released on October 23rd 2020 and continues to be on high demand even now,after many days of its release. Recent reports state that the 3rd and 4th sequel in the After series are in development. Indeed a glimmer of hope for all ‘Afternators’ out there!

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