‘After We Collided’ to be on Netflix soon? Yes or No?

The 2019 Romantic hit ‘After’, released on April 8, 2019 has come up with its sequel ‘After We Collided’ which was released on 23rd October 2020. The movie was well received by the movie geeks who are now anticipating an opportunity to watch the movie on Netflix. Will they get any chance to fulfill this wish? Well, here’s the answer for this question.

Watch to Know when ‘After We Collided’ shall hit Netflix

The movie is distributed by Open Road Films. Netflix who had been streaming several movies like ‘Sleepless’ and ‘Before I fall’ which is an ‘Open Road Film’ product, it is said that Netflix had signed a deal with them concerning the movie. However, the delay in streaming the ‘After’ series through Netflix made the ‘Afternators’ restless.

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The first in the ‘After Series’ entitled as ‘After'(2019) which was released in theaters in April 2019 is currently streaming on Netflix after arriving on the platform in October 2019. Based on this information, hopefully ‘After We Collided’ could follow a similar pattern and hit Netflix six months after its own release date in April 2021.

The steamy romantic drama’After We Collided’ garners a wide viewership!

The way Netflix distribution works is a bit convoluted and different streaming services overlap in their deals. Hence this might be yet another reason why the film could be more likely to appear in 2021 than in the next couple of months.

After We Collided Netflix Release date
After We Collided Netflix Release date

The ‘After’ series directed by Jenny Gage, is an adaptation based on the 2014 new adult fiction novel of the same name by Anna Todd. The film stars Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin, and narrates the tale of an inexperienced teenage girl who begins to romance a mysterious student during her first months of college. The cast includes Selma Blair, Inanna Sarkis, Shane Paul McGhie, Pia Mia, Khadijha Red Thunder, Dylan Arnold, Samuel Larsen, Jennifer Beals, and Peter Gallagher in supporting roles.

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