‘After We Fell’ : The next movie in the ‘After Series’?

With the recent release of ‘After We Collided’, the second movie in the ‘After’ series the ‘Afternates’ has now become like the cat on a hot tin roof. The movie plot has build up its suspense in such a way that the ‘After’ fans are inquisitive to know further about the next in the series.

Watch the Release date of ‘After We Fell’

Well, here’s good news for all the ‘After’ fans! The third sequel in the ‘After’ series – ‘After We Fell’ is on its way!The news about its production and shooting schedule was officially announced through the aftermovie Instagram page by the lead actors Josephine Langford and Fiennes Tiffin.

The news about ‘After We Fell’ in progress has left the fans ecstatic!

The actors expressed their wholehearted gratitude for accepting the second in the ‘After’ series , ‘After We Collided’. In the wake of COVID-19, the crew expressed their extreme discomfort in their inability to complete the story of Tessa and Hardin in a timely manner. The post also added the fact that they are at present pursuing the shooting process in Bulgaria, Eastern Europe since the pandemic cases are comparatively low there. However, the adverse effect of pandemic has made them to replace some of their cast with some new faces was an announcement which is indeed a great blow to all the fans out there.

Tessa and Hardin in 'After We Fell'
Tessa and Hardin in ‘After We Fell’

‘We know you’ve been waiting and are beyond excited to share some exciting news with you! @chance_perdomo has been cast as “Landon”, @stephenmoyer as “Christian Vance”, @mirasorvino as “Carol”, @ariellekebbel as “Kimberly” and @carterjenkins as “Robert”. Now that they’re officially part of the After family alongside @hero_ft @josephinelangford @louiselombard, @robestes8 let’s show them all the love’.-posted the crew.

But the fans can’t ignore the sacrifices that the whole crew has made to bring out the third and fourth part of the series and hence the slight changes are acceptable and their efforts are appreciable.

Official release date of 'After We Fell'
Official release date of ‘After We Fell’

Although the crew is back to work, the release dates are not yet announced.Like the first two films, ‘After We Fell’ will be based on the third book of the same name in the series. So what’s in store for Tessa and Hardin shall be well explained in ‘After We Fell’. Indeed, a ray of hope for all ‘Afternates’!

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