Aimee Carrero posted a long thread on Twitter about the “Hollywood Life”

Hollywood has always been the epitome of movies for centuries. Many movies about Hollywood have dealt with the true terrifying realities of the industry. The industry with its outside charm and colour has its boring, tiring sides too. 

What was considered to be a happy celebrating world showed its terrifying side. The news of sexual harassment, assault and abuse came out one after another since the allegations of Harvey Weinstein’s misconduct in the industry came to light. 

Aimee Carrero posted describing the typical life of a Hollywoodian on Twitter: Watch

Aimee Carrero is a Dominican-American actress and singer known for her voice in “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power”.

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“If folks knew what Hollywood was really about, they’d be bored af. ⁣It’s people reading each other’s shitty scripts & pretending to be interested long enough for everyone to move on to the next shitty script. Occasionally, someone gets a job & everyone talks shit about them. Repeat. Then, in your 30’s, ppl start getting married & on top of complaining about jobs, they start complaining about how crazy the housing market is. ⁣“$2.5 for a house in VAN NUYS?! It’s redone but it’s north of Ventura!” It sells for $2.9, all cash. Then, at some point in their late 30’s/early 40’s, ppl start remembering they never had kids. And then on top of talking about jobs and houses, they start paying for IVF. ⁣And then everyone becomes “unfuckable” by Hollywood standards and dies. The end.”

“Unless they don’t die and have to pay for private school. So, they start doing conventions or reboots of shows they were on 20 years ago to pay for said private school/SAT scores.

Aimee Carrero on Twitter about the “Hollywood Life”
Aimee Carrero on Twitter about the “Hollywood Life”

Then the kids grow up, get famous on TikTok, get cancelled on TikTok, & then everyone really dies. Epilogue: Their death comes as a big shock to everyone who once read their shitty script. There are fond memories posted on social media abt the time a deceased person made out w [90’s heartthrob] at a bar in Vancouver once” Aimee Carrero wrote. A user named Peter Baird commented “Goddamit, stop that. I have three craptastic scripts running around Hollywood right now.

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