Aja Naomi King Posted On Instagram About The Upcoming US Election

Aja Naomi King posted on Instagram about registering for the upcoming US presidential election. She posted her photo with the caption “ Hey baby…Are you registered to Vote?”.

Aja Naomi King Is Famous Through The Series “ How To Get Away With Murder”

Many of her followers commented positively to her post.

Aja Naomi King raised to fame through her role in the ABC web series “ how to get away with murder”.the series showcase the life of a defence attorney Annalise Keating along with her five interns and the murders surrounding their lives. Aja Naomi King acted as Micheala, one of the Annalise Keating’s student.

The show is based on a few ages-old principles. Nothing knit different people of diverse background, ethnicity, belief, race, colour together than having secret kept in each other’s hands. There is no permanent friend nor enemy only common interests keeps people together. Which also infer that the word loyalty is figurative.

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Nothing goes for nothing, there are consequences for every action and no sin or sinner will go unpunished. Karma is indeed real and accurate revenge so far. No one escapes it. Though, the movie is how to get away with murder but eventually non of those who committed the murder went scot-free. Even though Annalise Keating manoeuvre there cases in their favour, karma still went after them and they all died a mysterious death. Wes got burnt to death, Asher and sam were struck with statue and fire poker respectively, Frank and Bonnie shot, Denver in a car accident, Xavier Castillo died, gorge Castillo stabbed,..

Aja Naomi King
Aja Naomi King

To finish it all, the place of proper family/child upbringing is important. A child from a dysfunctional home would also have dysfunctional behaviour. They are mostly characterized by various psychological defect ranging from, bitterness, anger, violence, selfishness, emotional imbalance, to mention but few since they never experienced necessary love only a home can give. That the case of Sam, Hannah, Frank, Wes, Michaela, Conor, Laurel, Bonnie, Annalise. They were all embittered about their past, they never had a good childhood experience and it indeed haunted them.

The last remark is never judging a book by its cover. It is good in everyone irrespective of who they are, what they do, where they come from, their belief or their way of life.

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