Alexis Ren looking Gorgeous in “Jungle Fever”

American model and Instagram star today shared a series of snaps of herself at Instagram captioning it as “Jungle Fever”. Ren shared three images of her in which she looks gorgeous. The former “Dancing with the Stars” competitor gave her fans a front view of her wearing a striped Bikini of the colour combo yellow and black.

Earlier image of Alexis Ren
Earlier image of Alexis Ren

The model poses from a car, she opens the car door and stands leaning on the opened door thus making her front view clear. All the series of images shared by Alexis shows herself in the same outfits with slight differences in poses. Alexis made the images more stunning by letting her blonde tresses fall over the right side of her face.

In an image, she posed sitting backwards and keeping her left leg on the car while she holds her both hands on the roof and door of the car.

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She often thrills her fans by sharing her modelling shots on Instagram, and they seemed eager to express their appreciation for her series of snaps update. Last day Alexis Ren shared a set of images in which she shared the perfect all-natural backdrop to make her sexy swimwear really stand out from her latest photo session. Alexi wore a red bikini constructed out of ribbed stretch fabric that gave it a casual, somewhat sporty vibe.

Alexis Looking Gorgeous
Alexis Looking Gorgeous

In the first image, Alexis also flaunted her flat stomach as she fixed her heavy-lidded gaze on the camera. Her blond hair was swept up and over to the left side so that it covered up her eye.

Coming to the second image She turned her head to the side and hooked her fingers around the stretchy bands that formed the sides of her bikini bottoms. The front of the garment sat down low, making Alexis’ toned torso look even longer and leaner.

Alexis, 23, is the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2018 Rookie of the Year, so she’s become a pro at posing in skimpy bikinis, proved that she can also rock in red lingerie at Instagram.

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