Amazon launched ‘Crucible’ for free in PC ‘New World’ in August

Amazon Games Studio’s first big-budget original game ‘Crucible,’ the team-based sci-fi shooter launched Wednesday in PC for free. Amazon has been in the game-making business since 2014, and Crucible marks the first blockbuster game from its gaming unit. Previously, the group had focused on making games for tablet devices and getting more people to sign up for its Prime subscription service.

New World: Watch All you want to know

Amazon also said that it would continue to share information on New World features and updates through social media and the New World website. New World will put players on a mysterious island where they will battle one another and hunt. The company is also working on The Lord of The Rings game and some unannounced projects.

During this period, players can learn the game, discover and build skills playing their favorite hunters, and start honing their strategy before Season 1 kicks off. Players who log into Crucible by June 2 will get an early adopter gift of 1,000 Credits deposited into their in-game account. Credits can redeem for in-game cosmetic items like skins and emotes, as well as a Pre-Season Battle Pass, available for 950 Credits. The Pre-Season Battle Pass offers players a series of challenges and rewards, including hunter and account customization options.

Amazon Games:

The Giant first announced that it would create computer games in 2014. Amazon recruited Kim Swift, Clint Hocking (Far Cry 2), and developers who previously worked on System Shock 2.

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Amazon sought to make games in-between the industry standards of small and large teams making casual and AAA games, respectively. Amazon Game Studios went on to publish several mobile titles, including the horror game Lost Within.


Crucible is a 12-player, class-based game in which players form alliances to become the last man standing. An additional player will direct the game, letting viewers interact with the game’s elements and triggering in-game events. Players can form settlements, fight each other, or fight monsters out in the world. Crucible begin an 8-week Pre-Season today.


New World, another battle type game slated for an August release. New World isn’t the only game to suffer a delay as a result of the coronavirus pandemic Games.

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