Amazon Prime Movies that Entertain you in Lockdown

Amazon prime movies
Amazon prime movies

Amazon Prime has many movies that entertain you in lockdown period, but we listed some best movies for you. Watch anywhere, anytime, on an unlimited number of devices. Sign in with your amazon prime account to watch instantly from your personal computer or on any internet-connected device that offers the amazon app, including smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, streaming media players, and game consoles. We have listed some TV series and movies on Amazon Prime Germany that you won’t need to leave.

Amazon Prime Movies

The Disaster Artist

The film chronicles an unlikely friendship between budding actors Tommy Wiseau and Sestero that results in the production of Wiseau’s 2003 film The Room, widely considered one of the worst movies ever made. The Disaster Artist stars brothers James and Dave Franco as Wiseau and Sestero, respectively, alongside a supporting cast featuring Alison Brie, Ari Graynor, Josh Hutcherson, Jacki Weaver, and Seth Rogen. James Franco playing Tommy Wiseau would work as well as it did, but this is a must-see for any fan of The Room.

The Descent

The film follows six women who, having entered a cave system, struggle to survive against the humanoid creatures inside. The Descent is a 2005 British adventure horror thriller movie written and directed by Neil Marshall.


Midsommar is a 2019 folk horror film written and directed by Ari Aster and starring Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, William Jackson Harper, Vilhelm Blomgren, Ellora Torchia, Archie Madekwe, and Will Poulter. A rare horror movie that takes place entirely in the light, the story of a young woman who stumbles upon a cheery death cult with her friends takes turns you weren’t expecting. Part of Florence Pugh’s banner year in 2019.

Dear Zachary

The movie genuinely may be the saddest movie you will ever watch, so I’m not sure if the current environment is right for it, but man, what a sudden shock this film makes. The film is about Kuenne’s close friend Andrew Bagby, who was murdered after Bagby ended a relationship with a woman named Shirley Jane Turner.

The Handmaiden

The Handmaiden is a 2016 South Korean erotic psychological thriller film directed by Park Chan-wook and starring Kim Min-hee, Kim Tae-ri, Ha Jung-woo and Cho Jin-Woong. It is inspired by the 2002 novel Fingersmith by Welsh writer Sarah Waters, with the setting changed from Victorian era Britain to Korea under Japanese colonial rule. Another quality Korean psychological drama that is incredible to watch not just once, but multiple times.

True Grit

True Grit is a 2010 American Revisionist Western film directed, written, produced, and edited by the Coen brothers and executive produced by Steven Spielberg. It is an adaptation of Charles Portis’ 1968 novel of the same name and stars Hailee Steinfeld as Mattie Ross and Jeff Bridges as Deputy U.S. Marshal Reuben J.

Mission Impossible: Fallout

A group of terrorists plans to detonate three plutonium cores for a simultaneous nuclear attack on different cities. Ethan Hunt, along with his IMF team, sets out to stop the carnage. A rare action blockbuster that everyone agrees is excellent on every level. Tom Cruise and company are at the top of their game here.

Eighth Grade

Kayla Day, an eighth-grader, is introverted but also posts videos about self-confidence on the Internet. Later, she realises she is not the person she is pretending to be and overcomes her fears—an incredible film.

The Sweet Hereafter

The storyline is: A small mountain community in Canada is devastated when a school bus accident leaves more than a dozen of its children dead. A big-city lawyer (Ian Holm) arrives to help the survivors’ and victims’ families prepare a class-action suit, but his efforts only seem to push the townspeople further apart. At the same time, one teenage survivor of the accident (Sarah Polley) has to reckon with the loss of innocence brought about by a different kind of damage.

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