America Ferrera and her ‘Top Nine 2020’: This is how the actress bids farewell to 2020!

Reflecting on the last couple days of the longest year,the Superstore star America Ferrera has come up with her ‘Top nine 2020’, the most important 9 unforgettable moments that made her previous year a memorable one. A challenging saga for many, the historical year 2020 has gifted her with immense joy and boon as mentioned by the actress in her recent Instagram post.

The other day, America Ferrera took to her Instagram to share the most valuable events that are phenomenal in defining her role as an actress as well as a mother.

”This rollercoaster of a year still managed to deliver some beautiful moments that I loved sharing with you. I present to you my Top 9 posts of 2020.

America Ferrera Pregnant
America Ferrera Pregnant
  • Going to the Oscars to say a final goodbye to our beloved three-time-nominated How To Train Your Dragon series. Also, maybe my favorite fashion moment ever inspired by the indigenous Lenca Tribe of Honduras as a goodbye tribute to my warrior queen Astrid.
  • Quarantined belly in Polaroid
  • When the Presidential election results were called in Brooklyn, New York!

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-Jackie Kennedy Fashion vibes

Ryan & America 2 months into dating in 2005

Family celebration on a stoop in BK

Birthday Morning in Quarantine

-Surprise Birthday Zoom by sweet hubby.

-First day back at work post-baby and post 6 months in quarantine”- posted the actress via her official Instagram page.

America Ferrera shared the beautiful moments of 2020!

America Ferrera offers an Inspirational Self Care mantra through her 'Jefa Moves'
America Ferrera offers an Inspirational Self Care mantra through her ‘Jefa Moves’

She has beautifully listed out all those pleasing moments that 2020 had bestowed upon her. Attending the Oscars, being a mom for her daughter, post-pregnancy work, asserting her active role in Presidential Elections by hosting ‘Every Vote Counts’ with Alicia Keys and Kerry Washington, surprise birthday party by her hubby- are some among them.

This post was followed by yet another fantabulous one outpouring her unfathomable love for her baby, sharing the magical moments of being a mother with an image of her baby bump.

”This was the year I…
-had my baby girl during a pandemic
-learned to mother two children at once (during a pandemic)
-pumped a lot of breast milk while exhausted out of my mind
-had very little quality time with my husband but managed to sneak away to celebrate our 15 year anniversary
-had my last Superstore table read (a couple times) and also realized I ignored @benmfeldman sweet hug cause I was so emotional.
-said goodbye to How to Train Your Dragon after 12 years
-introduced @Gentefied and it’s unbelievably talented cast and crew to the world!
-launched @she_sepuede with an incredible gang of Powerhouse Latinas
-did whatever I could to Get Out The Vote (btw, go vote Georgia)
-saved a lot of money doing my own glam for Zoom

America Ferrera leaving Superstore
America Ferrera leaving Superstore

2020- you were a worthy challenger. I never liked you girl but I respected you, and above all, I’m grateful grateful grateful for the good you gave me- health & safety, time with my family, a deep appreciation for community and brighter days ahead”, captioned the actress!

An enchanting stream of magical words with immense love and happiness!

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