America Ferrera offers an Inspirational Self Care mantra through her ‘Jefa Moves’!

The world around us is moving and revolving at a neck breaking speed. Cutting loose from all these hullabaloos and finding time for oneself has nowadays become a daunting task for many, especially those who are at the center of limelight and public attention. It is in this context we have the famous American actress America Ferrera come up with her self care mantra with her Jefa moves.

Jefa Moves by America Ferrera

“Don’t know who needs to hear this but… it took me all damn week to find 30 mins to move my body, and while my habit is to be disappointed in myself, I’m gonna choose instead to celebrate all the badass shit I DID get done this week! Anyone else out here tired of believing we can be all things at all times?? #basta #jefamoves,” posted the star.

America Ferrera, who recently left her NBC sitcom Superstore, which had caused her fans disappointment, has always tried to inspire her well-wishers in multiple ways. This time she has come up with an inspirational and highly advantageous health tip.

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Of late, the actress took to her Instagram post to share something very pivotal and essential for a generation whose life cycle is almost completely governed by the globalization giants. Being a celebrity, she opens up the fact that it is indeed hard to find time and carve out a space for yourselves. Hence she finds it as the need of the hour to retire oneself from all those bustling working hours and spend time for ourselves or with ourselves.

America Ferrera offers an Inspirational Self Care mantra through her 'Jefa Moves'
America Ferrera offers an Inspirational Self Care mantra through her ‘Jefa Moves’

America Ferrera’s self-care technique inspired many!

Finding 30 minutes to pull out herself from all those badass working hours and move her body was indeed a risky enterprise, she said. This post was followed by a video snippet shared by the actress which literally exhibited her doing the jefa moves.

America Ferrera and her 'Top Nine 2020'
America Ferrera and her ‘Top Nine 2020’

One who follows America Ferrera is easily aware of the fact that she is a human being who cherishes each and every tiny single moment of happiness that she had in her life. Most recently at the eve of new year she took a moment to count all those blessings by sharing the ‘Top 9 2020’ events that she had in her life during the previous year.

It’s high time that we have rushed ourselves through the gigantic development journey. Now take some time, reflect upon yourselves and spend time with yourselves. Follow the jefa moves with America Ferrera and attain a peaceful mind!

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