American Horror Story Season 10: 5 Things that you must know before you start!

The creepy, spooky series ever created! Yes, we are speaking about the holy terror show ‘American Horror Story’! Even though many of us are aware of the fact that there does exist a Season 10, no further updates are revealed about the release date and several other concerning factors. But there are certain key points that you need to know about the central theme of the upcoming season which is the ‘New Contortionist Clue’. What is this all about? Let us solve this mystery and more.

The most recent update regarding the filming process of ‘American Horror Story season 10’ came from the actor Lilly Rabe. On December 1st she posted “We start tomorrow, So I’ll be driving to work at 5.30, I think, tomorrow morning,” and this has further triggered several questions regarding the underlying theme of the next chapter in the Ryan Murphy anthology.

Tate shooting in 'American Horror Story'
Tate shooting in ‘American Horror Story’

Though the season 10 is delayed, creator of ‘American Horror Story’ , Ryan Murphy hasn’t left his fans in dismay. As usual he came up with several clues and hints about the looming segment which is under construction. In this context, Murphy recently announced the addition of a brand new and terrifying cast member — contortionist Spencer Novich.

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1. Clues about Contortion

So far the horror anthology series has covered everything from killer clowns, to witches, to the antichrist himself. Now they are all set to explore more about Contortion which becomes the first clue. Ever since Murphy began dropping hints for AHS season 10, fans have been speculating as to what everything could mean. As everyone knows Contortion is a performance art in which performers called contortionists showcase their skills of extreme physical flexibility. Contortion acts often accompany acrobatics, circus acts, street performers and other live performing arts. But what’s its relevance in ‘American Horror Story’? Furthermore, further updates about this fact are not yet revealed.

Contortion in 'American Horror Story season 10'
Contortion in ‘American Horror Story season 10’

2. The Tattoo Machine

The poster art features a gloved hand holding a tattoo machine to place the show’s title on the tongue. This could mean that a Freak Show theme may resurface based on how many characters were heavily tattooed in season 4. It may be that a sideshow could roll through town at some point, perhaps even featuring Bette and Dot’s (Sarah Paulson) child with Jimmy (Evan Peters), considering both actors are returning for season 10. They could follow in their parents’ footsteps and become the infamous tattooed person in the traveling circus.

Tattoo Machine in 'American Horror Story season 10'
Tattoo Machine in ‘American Horror Story season 10’

3. Provincetown, Massachusetts and Aquatic horror setting

The states that make up New England are considered to be some of the most haunted based on their dark, vast history. Hence one could anticipate for more horror spine chilling episodes.This could mean that a repeat of AHS: Murder House, AHS: Hotel, and AHS: 1984 could take place. The spirits of the land could be trapped there for all eternity, and maybe even “wash up” in a similar way to John Carpenter’s ocean-bound ghosts in The Fog. Even if this doesn’t happen as a large part of season 10, fans can probably expect to see some references to it based on Murphy’s past use of Easter eggs and references to horror movies. Also, the posts shared by Murphy through his Instagram Page which is full of shark and their pointed teeth is suggestive of the aquatic setting.

4. The Pointed Teeth

Pointed teeth in 'American Horror Story season 10'
Pointed teeth in ‘American Horror Story season 10’

Following the clue of aquatic setting, the thought of pointing teeth is in fact a perfect vocal choice for a deadly siren—could mean that mermaids will be involved. The pointed teeth could also infer that sharks will be involved. Murphy is not one to shy away from political conversations in American Horror Story, so it’s possible that season 10—based on its aquatic nature—may feature a dialogue on the threats of climate change as well as its impact on ocean life. If “things are beginning to wash up on shore,” as the cast announcement trailer forebodes, this could mean something much more ominous than mermaids or sirens. Since the interruption of other worldly creatures is not a new thing for the show, one could even surmise for an upcoming tussle underneath the ocean.

5. Poster is suggestive of a Freak Show

Freak show in 'American Horror Story season 10'
Freak show in ‘American Horror Story season 10’

The poster art for season 10 shares numerous similarities with the artwork that was used to market season 4. They have the exact same color palette: a bright, greenish blue offset by a deep red. Both of them also feature imagery of open mouths and teeth. This could further solidify the return of characters from AHS: Freak Show and, possibly, the appearance of one of history’s most infamous sea creatures — the Fiji Mermaid.

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