American Horror Story:’Don’t watch these 5 Scenes from the ‘Murder House’! Here’s why

Evil, the lying root of ‘American Horror Story’, a notice seems to circulate about the ‘ 5 must not watch’ scenes from the ‘Murder House’ segment. Well, let us analyze each one of them closely! What makes it so spooky? Is it spine chilling or is it the bizarre depiction of immorality?

Fans of the FX anthology series American Horror Story are familiar with most of the creepy locations including the Murder House, which was the setting for Season One and the show’s eponymous location. The house was featured again in Season 8’s sixth episode “Return To The Murder House” when Madison and Behold went back to flush out the ghosts. The beautiful California mansion is said to have been haunted since the 1920s, which made it the perfect place to kick start the popular horror show.

American Horror Story
American Horror Story

The first season, titled Murder House, mostly focuses on the Harmon family who move into the house from Boston without knowing its past history as well as the supernatural elements that are in it and now it’s said that there do exist a few scenes that must not be watched. Well, they are the following:

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1. The Infantata

The infantata storyline was truly disturbing on Murder House and followed a family in the 1920s struggling financially. The father, Dr. Charles Montgomery, began secretly performing abortions for money, and receiving dismembered body parts of his son are grueling to the peak. In his grief, he decides to sew Thaddeus back together and bring him back to life is something quite hard to perceive on-screen.

The Infantata in 'American Horror Story'
The Infantata in ‘American Horror Story’

2. Tate’s School Shooting

Tate was certainly a creepy character in Murder House, but it was shocking when the show revealed Tate had murdered 15 people in a school shooting before eventually being killed by the police.

Tate shooting in 'American Horror Story'
Tate shooting in ‘American Horror Story’

The school shooting depicted in a graphic manner with the scenes truly disturbing and callous especially since school shootings are real-life tragedies. A prohibited content primarily for kids.

3. Violet Seeing Her Own Body

The viewers found it quiete difficult to digest the truth that Violet is a ghost! A strange revelation indeed. The truth that she did not survive her suicide attempt was hard to believe.

Violet seeing her body in 'American Horror Story'
Violet seeing her body in ‘American Horror Story’

Tate tries to tell her this and that she can never leave the house again, but she doesn’t fully believe it at first. He decides to bring her to the basement and shows Violet her own decomposing corpse as proof. Although not the most violent scene in the series, it’s still a shocking and disturbing scene.

4. ‘Bloody’ Baby Tate

The bloody face with a glee of Baby Tate is yet another horrid scene which attacks the juvenile thought of infancy. In this scene, Constance finds Tate and Vivien’s baby, presumably the Antichrist, having killed his nanny. The child looks like Tate and is gleefully covered in blood happy with what he’s done. This in fact gives a shiver to the audience.

Bloody Baby Tate
Bloody Baby Tate

5. Killing Ben’s Mistress

Most of what Larry does in the show is pretty horrific as he kills multiple characters including Constance’s son Beau, but arguably the most shocking death was when he killed Ben’s mistress Hayden with a shovel.

Killing Ben's Mistress
Killing Ben’s Mistress

Hayden tries to come back to tell Ben that she doesn’t want to end their affair and she plans to keep their baby instead of getting the abortion. While a difficult situation for Ben and he wasn’t the one who killed her, it did end his problem at the moment.

As far as the recent reports are concerned, the filming process of ‘American Horror story season 10’ is in progress. The series is all set for yet another journey towards the scary land of devils and other world mysteries.

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