Amid of Corona Virus, Primary schools could reopen from June 1

Primary schools are looking at as the first to open their doors. No final date is confirmed, but officials are reportedly eyeing up June 1.

According to reports, primary schools will open first, with pupils from Years 10 and 12 being the first students to return to secondary schools, provided ministers were satisfied the transmission rate will not cause a ”the second peak.”

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson expected to lay out the plans Sunday. The strategy expected to include tests for asymptomatic staff in workplaces, and according to Whitehall sources, the Prime Minister is looking to give three weeks notice to teachers in primary schools.

On Saturday, Robert Jenrick, the Housing, Communities, and Local Government Secretary, said: “Home learning is not easy, particularly when one or both parents are trying to work from home as well.”

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Meanwhile, art students could be the last to return to universities, after students of medicine, dentistry, and veterinary science in the autumn. Thirty-three universities with medical schools, including Oxford and Cambridge, are backing a contingency plan to fast-track undergraduates studying key science subjects back to campus for classes, according to the report.

Education Union refuse to reopen schools immediately
Education Union refuse to reopen schools immediately

Mr. Johnson appears to have confirmed primary pupils could be the first to return. The risk of COVID-19 thought to be the lowest in the youngest children.

The PM told on Sunday that he wants primary schools reopened “as fast as we can,” adding: “That’s where we want to go. It’s about working out a way to do it.” The earlier restart to primary schools is reportedly to allow parents to return to work as well as to avoid disruption to vital first years development.

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