SpaceX rocket Falcon 9 Launched Anasis 2

It was a historic moment for South Korea. American spacecraft company SpaceX of Elon musk launched South Korea’s first military communication satellite Anasis 2.

Watch: SpaceX Launching Anais

The satellite named Anasis 2 was carried by SpaceX rocket Falcon 9. The satellite launch was from space launch complex 40 of Canaveral air force station in Florida at 5:30 EDT.

Anasis 2 is the first-ever South Korean military satellite that built for providing secured communication over extensive coverage. It was the Airbus Defence and Space that made Anasis 2 satellite for South Korea.

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According to SpaceX, following the stage separation, SpaceX will land falcon 9 s first stage on the “just read the Instructions” drone ship. It will be stationed in the Atlantic ocean.

Elon Musk,founder of SpaceX
Elon Musk,founder of SpaceX

After the liftoff Anasis, 2 will be deployed in 32 minutes. Following the first stage of the landing, there will be no live streaming on the customers’ demands.

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