Andre Agassi “icon of Tennis” reveals that he hate Tennis

Andre Agassi icon of tennis hates it once when he was a kid. Agassi reveals his memories Wednesday, 50 years. Half a century of a life dedicated to tennis, a sport that confessed but he hated since his father put a racket in his hands when he was two years old.

In which he managed a “revolution” to become one of the seven players capable of winning the four Grand Slams. Andre Agassi, who turned 50 this week, goes one better. Just a single piece of his 1980s costume with the mullet haircut the stylish denim shorts – would do the job.

Tennis and Agassi

Athletically, Agassi will always remember because it has been one of the 26 numbers one that has had the tennis, a position he held for 101 weeks, and managed to finish once a season, in 1999, and because she won 60 tournaments, eight of them of the Grand Slam.

Agassi only one in history has won the seven most prestigious titles in tennis men’s singles: all four of the Grand Slam, the Masters, now called the ATP Finals, the Olympic gold medal (JJ.OO. Atlanta 1996) and Davis Cup (1990, 1992 and 1995). He was also the player with the lowest age in exceeding a million dollars in prizes, after only dispute 43 tournaments.

Agassi reveals “I still hate tennis. And now as a coach, I don’t have to love him. My job is to make a player improve their performances, is a goal in your head, to understand who I have in front of him. And learning from him,” he said on “Open”. To know more Sports news click here.

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