Andrea Bocelli’s Music for Hope in an Empty Duomo

This was an Easter to remember in Italy. The holiest day of the year came up with a moving performance by the Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli in a closed Duomo Cathedral in Milan.

Although no audience was present in Duomo, the performance was streamed live on his YouTube channel that went viral hoping to bring people together during the coronavirus outbreak as part of ‘Music Of Hope’. The Italian tenor sang 4 hymns who was accompanied only by Emanuele Vianelli, the cathedral organist.

An Optimist Rhythm of Relief: Watch Andrea Bocelli’s ‘Music For Hope’!

Bocelli became completely blind at the age of 12, which was then followed by a football accident. The tenor has recorded 15 solo studio albums selling 90 million records. He has his private foundation, which helps other people from poverty and illiteracy. People can donate through contacting the Andrea Bocelli Foundation.

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He closed his performance outside on the steps singing ‘Amazing Grace’. The empty streets from Paris, London and New York was shown in the video, which was painful. He said he was asked by Lady Gaga to inspire hope among the people.

The people are really moved by the performance and the views raised to 25 million within seven hours of streaming. Bocelli said earlier in an interview that his song would be more spiritual than his performance.

Andrea Bocelli is singing in Milan, Italy
Andrea Bocelli is singing in Milan, Italy

Italy has been the country struck by the virus attack. The economic aim of the concert was to provide preventive equipment for medical staff and provide hospital resources for the public.

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