Angela Bassett Revealed her ‘catastrophic’ Tale about childhood sexual molestation

Angela Bassett shared about a distressing childhood experience where she recollected being sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend at the time.

The “9-1-1” actress revealed the story during the Rape Foundation’s Brunch party on Sunday.

Bassett was hosting the brunch, said to The Hollywood Reporter that she still remembers being fondled as a teen girl while she was sleeping.

Bassett Quoted “Fortunately, it wasn’t a complete assault, it was fondling, but it was devastating enough for a child who’s 12 or 13,” “And thankfully to have a mother who could tell as soon as light broke that this happened and for her to expel him….

That she heard me, believed me, and did something about it was so empowering for me as a young teen, as a young woman.”

The Emmy-nominated actress also revealed that her mother’s deeds following the assault reassured her.

The actress, who opened up teenager twin daughter, Bronwyn, and son, Slater, with her husband Courtney B. Vance, said that they’re raising their children to aware of consent.

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According to Variety, she began teaching her twins about boundaries when they were 2 years old.

Bassett also said: “I started that early because of experiences with friends and I know that they will be in situations one day,” “When a girl says no, both to him and to her, she means no. Back up. She has to say come here, kiss me.”

Angela Bassett
Angela Bassett

Eric McCormack, who also co-hosted the brunch, reveals how he explains to his 17-year-old about sexual assault in case of parents needed some advice.

“We have a 17-year-old and so the whole idea of consent over the last few years has been a conversation,” “But in terms of advice, I think the biggest thing I’d have to work on with everybody is self-esteem and being strong enough to say no, to call for help. Nobody has the right to abuse you.” McCormack added.

She is often recognized as a great influencer who has influenced a vast majority of women out there.

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