Angela Kinsey Flawlessly Recreates Her Throwback Pics

Throwback pics of celebrities give us a sudden inspiration to flip through our own childhood albums. If you’re a fan of “The Office’ you will obviously remember Angela Kinsey as Angela Martin- Head of Accounting and Party planner extraordinaire.

Angela shared a sweet throwback from a year ago alongside a flawless re-creation of the treasured family photo that was taken years back in her childhood. 

In the shot, the 49-year-old star can be seen with her Grandma and Mom the Office star on her throwback captioned  “ Me, my Grandma Viola Mae and my Mom in some sassy shots! Also, is my Grandma holding a bag of bread rolls? Cleveland, TX #fbf. 

Previously the alum star had confirmed that she has tested positive for Covid-19 along with her husband, mother, and two out of three kids.

The actress is always there to give a flashback to her pics by posting her childhood pics. 

Kinsley- Who currently co-hosts the office ladies podcast with real-life BFF Jenna Fischer ( Pam from The Office)- is no stranger to worldly foods and international travel. The actress, who has roots in Louisiana and Texas, spent her childhood living abroad with her family in Indonesia.

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“ We moved to Jakarta when I was two and we lived there until I was 14,” she said, “ Pretty much the formative year of my life, I grew up overseas and I really feel like travel is the best education.” 

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