Angelina Jolie and family are “Hunkered Down” Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

In the Amid of Coronavirus Pandemic, “Angelina Jolie” pops in online for a virtual TIME 100 talk with Editor-in-Chief Edward Felsenthal. The video focuses on children impacted by the Coronavirus, a topic she penned for Time previously. At the beginning of the conversation, she confirmed that her whole family was practicing Social Distancing, like all others in the world.

Watch: Angelina Jolie and Kids had a Horrific Quarantine

“We all are stranded in and doing all right .” Jolie is a mom to six: Maddox,18. Pax,16, Zahara,15, Shiloh 13, Vivienne, and Knox, both 11. Maddox was to join Yonsei University in South Korea before the school was closed as a result of the Pandemic.

She is a Parent and Special Envoy of the “U.N High Commissioner” for Refugees, spoke about the kids affected with Coronavirus worldwide even though they are less prone to the disease. She talked about the situation of education being affected; hence all the schools are closed due to the crisis.

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“Two things that affect children from my view the most of being out of school- of course, education and the challenges with the education I know parents across even this country are challenged with homeschool, and that’s maybe more of a challenge on the parents than the children,” the star equipped.

Angelina Jolie With Childrens
Angelina Jolie With Childrens

“It’s about respecting people-It’s not just for this moment to applaud the people who are doing so much work, but real respect and real equality,” she said. “This is a time for outrage for grand change across the world.”

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