Angelique Boyer celebrates Mexico’s Independence day

On Sept. 16, 1810, the Grito de Dolores (Cry of Dolores) began.

The event marked the declaration of the Mexican War of Independence and, since 1825, the date has been known as the Mexican Independence Day. Mexican celebrities have taken to their social media accounts to celebrate the day.

Watch the 206th Independence Celebrations of Mexico

Today the French actress Angelique Boyer shared an image of herself holding a Mexican flag at a beach wearing a Bikini. Angelique was born in France, but her family moved to Mexico when she was 2 years old. Later the actress did her studies there in Mexico.

Boyer captioned the Instagram post as follows “Long live Mexico! 🇲🇽 May the memories of those who are no longer alive and teach us to love this country. Mexico is not only part of a great continent, I was taught that Mexico island, sea, mountains and wonders. But true wealth is in its people, culture and history. Mexico is the richest country in the world 🗺 LOVE YOU”.

Earlier this Monday, September 14, Agelique Boyer returned to Televisa’s soap operas, nothing more and nothing less than the hand of Andres Palacios. Both actors will star in Imperio de Lies, the new production of Giselle Gonzalez.

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With their Empire of Lies, Angelique Boyer and Andres Palacios promise to enter the public into a world where the lies of their characters entangle one another, constantly changing the fate of the telenovela.

Angelique Boyer celebrates Mexico's Independance day
Angelique Boyer celebrates Mexico’s Independance day

Angelique has a huge number of followers on social media, today’s post by the actress is widely shared by her fans and followers. Many of them commented wishing Independence to Mexico.

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