Animal Kingdom Season 5:All you want to know about the Filming process is here! When and Where?

The much-awaited segment of Animal Kingdom, ‘Animal Kingdom Season 5’ is unveiling its filming process to the fans. An Epic process indeed! For quite a long time season 5 of the series was hibernating and no one heard anything either from the cast or the crew. Now they have come up with more updates and relief to relish their fans who are zealously anticipating the upcoming season.

The season 4 which ended up with a cliffhanger of Smurf’s death, the fans are on pins and needles. What will happen after Smurf’s death is something that ‘Animal Kingdom Season 5’ might be looking at, surmises the fans.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Official release date
Animal Kingdom Season 5

Though there are no recent updates on the release date of ‘Animal Kingdom Season 5’, the dashed hopes of the fans ignited with a probable calculation of the upcoming season to be premiered by mid of 2021. But keeping aside all the possibilities about the plot line and release date here’s a glimmer of hope for all fans!

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‘Animal Kingdom Season 5’:More details on the shooting location is out now!

As far as the first great news is concerned, the filming of ‘Animal Kingdom Season 5’ is still happening! Got goosebumps? Well here’s more to relish you! Recently, the star Ben Robson (who plays Craig) confirmed on Twitter that filming is going on. There hasn’t been all that much in the way of behind-the-scenes teases as of late, but we can’t say that this is altogether surprising. The set probably looks and feels rather different than it has in past years, with that being a consequence-of-sorts to what is going on with the global health crisis. Everyone has to be a little bit more distanced than in the past; plus, the cast has to be pretty late in the season at this point and wants to avoid spoilers. Remember that production was going on for a certain period of time before the global pandemic even happened.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 What follows Smurf's death
Animal Kingdom Season 5 What follows Smurf’s death

Like many other series, ‘Animal Kingdom’ too had to click a pause button for the production of season 5. Fortunately,the team resumed production on Season 5 in early September and is still full of life!

As far as the location is concerned, the hit crime drama ‘Animal Kingdom Season 5’ is filmed in Oceanside, CA! Shawn Hatosy said it best in an interview with San Diego Magazine: “Oceanside plays such a big role in the show. It is a character in and of itself. Any change in location is not yet updated and hence we could assume that its the same as the previous seasons.

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