Angelina Jolie cries out for People to help the unprotected

In the latest discussion with Dr Nadine Burke Harris for Time magazine, the Maleficient actress gets emotional and asks people to open their eyes and help the unprotected, especially children. She stated people should help out one another in this isolation period. The deadly virus has left many children in an unprotected world.

The Philanthropic Face of Angelina Jolie: Watch the Video Below

The star had written an op-ed last week for Time magazine where she mentions about the number of children put in an unsafe condition. She commented that her words would spread hope and inspire people to love each other.

” I really do hope people hear this and they do reach out because those kids are not going to school right now and teachers can’t see the bruises and people are not identifying what is happening within some homes” she added.

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The 44-year-old continued to say that her encounter with woman helped her to know she had to put into actions and not just express her empathetic feelings. She also discussed the changes that stress can cause to children, and it is necessary to keep connections with people amid quarantine.

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie

The mother of six concluded by stating about Child Protective Services, which are mostly called by teachers, counsellors and thus children have lost their support networks”. She asks people to make love and become a support group for others.

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