Anna Faris Instagram Post about Olivia Munn

Anna Faris shared an Instagram post about her podcast with the Asian American actress Olivia Munn known as the unqualified with Anna Faris. She captioned the picture ” Today on @unqualified I learned that @oliviamunn is a black belt in Taekwondo. How cool is that?”

Anna Faris Hosts Her Podcast “Unqualified”: Watch

According to the official website of the unqualified, Each week Anna explores the lives and careers of actors, authors, designers, artists, musicians, chefs, athletes and relatives through thought-provoking questions, fun games, and wild tangents. Anna and a celebrity or expert guest then talk with you, her listeners, and offer their insight on how to navigate relationships and other confounding topics. 

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In the episode with Olivia Munn “ Olivia Munn [The Newsroom, X-Men: Apocalypse, The Predator, Iron Man 2, Attack of the Show!] talks with Anna about moving from Tokyo to Oklahoma as a kid, dealing with bullies, procrastination, how to fix social media, dating a conspiracy theorist, and more. Then Anna is joined by clinical sexologist, educator, and sex coach Dr. Patti Britton for a discussion on BDSM with Unqualified listener Nicole.”

Anna Faris
Anna Faris

Similerly Anna Faris also did a podcast with Ellie Kemper , as per her website “ Ellie Kempter [The Office, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt] joins Anna from her home in St. Louis to discuss why it’s frustrating to be labeled as “quirky”, how Midwestern cynicism is different from New York cynicism, why Skip-It was the best toy ever, what meditation apps are helping with quarantine, why you shouldn’t ask for a cupcake’s ingredients, and more. Then Anna welcomes back Dr. Alex Katehakis to talk with Jennifer.”

Kenan Thompson also appeared in her show for unqualified. “Kenan Thompson [Saturday Night Live, All That, Kenan and Kel, Good Burger] talks with Anna about Saturday Night Live, their “boat sketch”, auditioning, what makes a good host, being the “laugh here” guy, losing the audience and more. Then Anna is joined by author, journalist, and gender studies expert Liz Plank to talk with Veronica and give some Unqualified advice on what to do when your partner has different beliefs than you.”

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