Anne Hathaway gets INNOVATIVE to promote “Black Girl Environmentalists”!

Anne Hathaway, who was recently back with a romantic comedy “Lockdown,” is now venturing out towards creating some phenomenal activism through innovative ideas to promote the “Black Girl Environmentalists” for a good cause! The unparalleled actress has now geared up herself as an ‘activist’ to ensure her rapacious involvement in drawing the attention of the society for the well-being of the “Black Girl Environmentalists.”

Recently, the actress took to her Instagram page to announce that her official Instagram account shall be taken over by Elisa Mengistu, a black environmentalist, to promulgate her idea of activism as well as to share her thoughts about preserving natural resources.

Anne Hathaway to be a part of “Reclaiming our Time” Campaign!

“As part of the #ReclaimingOurTime campaign, tomorrow my Instagram will be taken over by @elsamengistu to talk about her work and experiences as a Black activist in the environmental space. I can’t wait for what she has to teach us. In the meantime, read her bio (copied below for screen readers),” posted the actress.

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She also thanked all those who took an active role in making this venture possible.

“And big thanks to @blackgirlenvironmentalist, @generation__green, and @passthemicclimate for the labor and time they have put in for this campaign during Black History Month.”

Along with this she also shares a bit of quick info about Elsa Mengistu, the black environmentalist.

Anne Hathaway as the Grand High Witch in The Witches.
Anne Hathaway as the Grand High Witch in The Witches.

“Bold, Intentional, Holistic, Unapologetic, Insightful. These are all words to describe Elsa Mengistu. Mengistu is a strategist and visionary within the environmental movement. She is the Cultural Development and Outreach Specialist at Generation Green. Elsa’s focus for 2021 and beyond is to use her words, ideas, and vision to change the perceptions of various industries, including environmental space by uplifting Black women and youth. As a public speaker and political communicator, Elsa routinely conveys her ideas on the interconnectedness of social issues, identities, and life itself. As an expert on youth empowerment, organizing, and social impact she advises and consults for various companies and organizations to ensure equity, justice, and imagination are at the forefront of their missions and campaigns. She also is pursuing a degree in Political Science at Howard University with the hopes of combining her commitment to the planet and its people with her world view of politics and business,” says the post.

The venture shall be deemed a grand success it seems. Let’s wait and watch for more best takeaways from the session that would in turn boost the environmental activist in each and everyone of us!

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