Anne With an E: 7 Most memorable Anne-Gilbert scenes that you would love to watch again!

With it’s 3 magical seasons full of ‘fantasy’ and voracious ‘reality’ of human life in various stages of the roller coaster, ‘Anne with an E’ has marvelously topped the ‘favorite novel adaptation series’ so far. It instilled within us a new sense of meaning for the universal idea of ‘love’ through the ups and downs of various romantic couples appearing at different points of times throughout the series. Be it Marilla or Mathew who hasn’t achieved a perfect fruition of their romantic life or Stephen Bash who ultimately loses his love of life after a continuous struggle and battle with destiny, each pair seems to communicate their own idea and propagate their vision about the universal feeling of love.

But the eponymous duo Anne Shirley Cuthbert, lead by Amybeth Mcnulty and Gilbert Blythe, played by ‘Lucas Jade Zumann’ sort of colors their sky of love with multifarious shades thus making it a nuanced canvas of heterogeneous sensations. One who has witnessed their magical bonding will never miss those 5 scenes of Anne-Gilbert stretched all throughout the three long seasons. After watching these snippets of Anne and Gilbert from ‘Anne with an E’, I am pretty much sure that everyone who poses a romanticized notion about love and love life would go and watch these scenes repeatedly, no matter how many times. Let us find out.

1. Telepathy and Love for words

Right from the beginning the meeting between Anne and Gilbert the viewers can easily sense the hidden chemistry between them. The verbal banter from calling ‘red haired’ till the entry of a third person ‘Winifred’ is suggestive of the fact that the telepathic string between the duo cannot be disregarded.

Anne and Gilbert telepathy
Anne and Gilbert telepathy

Anne and Gilbert have a bond that can’t be broken. Gilbert is teased about talking to Anne, an orphan, but he doesn’t care. As he mentions to his friends, “a cute girl is a cute girl.”

2. Academic Competitions

After the delayed entry of Gilbert Anne finds a perfect competitive partner to showcase her talent as a word painter. They both are considered as the best students in Avonlea school. This spirit and awareness within them makes them the best rivals ever and thus competes for best grades. Be it spelling bee or written exams there is this constant tug of war between both to excel than the other half. And once when Anne eclipses Gilbert but he doesn’t find any problem with it instead congratulates her. A first lit of spark!

Academic competition between Anne and Gilbert
Academic competition between Anne and Gilbert

This is indeed proved in one episode “Tightly Knotted to a Similar String,” where Anne and Gilbert compete in a spelling contest. Gilbert constantly gazes at Anne, and it seems he throws the contest just to see her win. Even though they compete, they can’t deny the obvious spark between them.

3. Bonding through letters

During the first half of the series Gilbert makes a transnational trip in order to discover his own self. And it is Anne and his letter that gave him a glimmer of hope. Working on a ship, he’s traveling the world, and his absence is felt back at home in Avonlea. Anne misses Gilbert, even if she doesn’t like to admit it to herself. Meanwhile, Gilbert also misses his favorite raconteur.

They stay connected by writing letters to each other. Anne informs Gilbert about everything going on in Avonlea. It takes a while for their letters to find one another, but they cherish each other’s words. A stepping stone to the blooming of a new bud!

4. Having Each other’s Back

There are many instances where both of them support each other during hard times. When Anne is criticized by the entire inhabitants of Avonlea for writing about women’s rights and exposing the secret relationship of one of her classmates Gilbert constantly stands by her side. He voraciously voices out for her right and this in fact brings about a paradigm shift in the thoughts of Avonlea residents.

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5. Making a ‘Good Team’

Whenever something important happens in Avonlea, Anne and Gilbert often team up to persuade others to make a difference. In the season three episode “A Strong Effort of the Spirit of Good,” Anne rallies the town to fight for justice after Josie Pye (Miranda McKeon) was sexually harassed by her beau, Billy. When Anne wrote an Op-Ed in the school newspaper, the Town Council threatened to shut down the newspaper. Once after Anne created a huge hullabaloo speaking out her mind through the weekly supplement of their school, nobody seems to support her. But Gilbert through his spirituous and moving words wins over all the evil minds who stood against her way to success.

Gilbert convinces everyone to stand up for Anne. When they successfully convince the Town Council to keep the newspaper, everyone celebrates. At this celebration, Anne and Gilbert share a private conversation. Gilbert mentions that they make a great “T-E-A-M,” making Anne laugh. They don’t have anything to argue about anymore. They stare into each other’s eyes and no one could deny the chemistry between them. Nothing told, no words but just a fresh look of words and eyes speaks far better than words.

6. Little sparks of love

A moment of reconciliation with their faults and life long bickering! Outside the church, after Bash’s marriage with his girlfriend Mary, Anne and Gilbert apologize for always tearing each other down in school. Gilbert reveals his plans to become a doctor while Anne tells him that she wants to become a teacher.Anne is comforted knowing that Gilbert supports her future plans. She begins to view him differently, perhaps feeling the same way he has always felt about her.

Anne and Gilbert dance
Anne and Gilbert dance

Also, the dance rehearsals seem to be yet another sequence that proves the alchemy of Anne and Gilbert. Here one could easily notice how desperate they are for each other. Despite Gilbert’s relationship with Winifred Rose, who is clearly just an excuse to suppress his feelings for Anne, Gilbert and Anne flirt with each other throughout the season.

7. Confession, Final Kiss, and a lot more

Complications over complications are piling up before their way towards professing their feelings for each other. Towards the final episodes Winifred appears to be one such obstacle. When Gilbert finally decides to open up his heart, Anne is taken aback due to Winifred. This in turn leads to further meddling up of things to such an extent that they both even resort to writing letters.

Gilbert writes a love letter to Anne, expressing his feelings. He tells her, “you are the fond object of my affection and desire. You, and you alone, are the keeper of the key to my heart… I’m not engaged, nor will I, unless it’s to you, Anne. My Anne with an E. It always has been and always will be you.”

Anne and Gilbert kiss
Anne and Gilbert kiss

Anne wrote ”I was confused before. I am not anymore. I love you’

But unfortunately they fail to read the letter. However, finally everything falls into place and they make a temporary full stop to their romantic sag with a steamy passionate kiss at the end. Something that everybody was zealously anticipating about. They know about each other’s feelings, and they’re going to continue to develop their relationship.

Hopefully we shall see more of it in ‘Anne with an E season 4’. Will Gilbert and Anne unite in ‘Anne with an E season 4’. Fingers crossed and the world awaits.

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