‘Anne With an E’ Season 4 spoiler: Will Gilbert and Anne unite?

The Canadian periodic series ‘Anne With an E’ came to a temporary halt with Anne and Gilbert opening up their hidden feelings to each other. With their cute romantic kiss and unrestricted flow of affection for each other, the viewers are left with a question mark as to what might happen next. Unfortunately, the show came to an unexpected halt after releasing its final season of the series on CBC. This has made an immense disappointment on the audience. What is next? The fans are constantly ruminating about the possible story line of season 4 and here are a few.

Triggered by Anne of Green Gables, a novel by LM Montgomery describes the experiences of Anne Shirley. As far as the tenth episode of season 3 is concerned,we experienced every emotion this episode: a warming of the heart when Gilbert wrote the letter for Anne, anger when Anne tore up the letter without reading the contents of it, heartbreak when Marilla’s initial search to find Anne’s family turned out to be fruitless, angst when Anne and Gilbert were running towards each other, and feeling content when they finally revealed their hearts desires. The crowning moment of the episode is definitely their kiss, but also equally important is Anne’s discovery that she had two loving parents who adored each other and that she looks like her mother.

Anne with an E Season 4 spoliers
Anne with an E Season 4 spoliers

With this twisted end one is easily deceived that the story has come to a closed circle. But is this all about Anne Shirley Cuthbert’s story? Is this the end? Well, no!

As far as the novel by LM Montgomery is concerned, based on which the series is created,the story of Anne has got a long way to go. So far the series has been true to the Novel and hence one could easily visualize what might happen next in the upcoming season.

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Anne With an E Season 4: What will happen to Ka’kwet

Does there exist a chance for Gilbert and Anne to unite? Yes! Gilbert who has left to pursue his medical studies will return once he is done with his course. And Anne who is busy with her studies in Queens shall unite with Gilbert once he is back. And finally,their beautiful fairy tale love story shall attain fruition.

Yet another open ended circle left by the season 3 is about the heartbreaking life of Ka’kwet’s (Kiawenti:io Tarbell). In the last episode of third season she is still trapped in her “school”, staring out of the window at her parents who are camping close by. They do not have the resources to take her beloved daughter home and more importantly, they are ignorant of the fact that she is being tortured there, along with the rest of the Native children they have more or less abducted. However, she somehow manages to escape from the school and reaches her parents. But will she be mentally stabilized after all that has happened to her? Will she be able to disclose the harsh realities of the missionary? And will Anne appear for her rescue? are some of the questions that shall be hopefully answered in season 4.

However, the greatest agony lies in the fact that the season 4 of ‘Anne With an E’ shall not see the light of day. The recent reports state that Netflix has canceled ‘Anne With an E season 4’. But the fans have put their fingers crossed for their favorite show to hit the screen without delay. Let’s hope for the best!

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