Apple set to fund oscar-probable movies for exclusive streaming rights

apple tv plus event
apple tv plus event

A report by the New York Post implies that Apple is in discussions with several directors and film celebrities to support films that have Oscar-winning capacities. The Academy Awards, commonly recognised as the Oscars, are deemed the most valued awards for cinema and draw a lot of recognition all over the world. By funding films that could win an Oscar, Apple would gain sole streaming licenses for those movies.

According to the report, Apple is seeking for six small-budget movies that can be executed with funds of $5 million to $30 million per project. Apple, already one of the largest and most prosperous companies in the world, owes much of its progress to its expanding electronics industry. However, the organisation has for long now shown that it sees co-operation as the path ahead. Services like AppleTV+ was declared earlier this year to oppose Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. As claimed by a new report, Apple is looking to expand the content list of this latest streaming app by funding movies with Oscar-winning capabilities.

This could be done to increase the content archives of its future streaming service – Apple TV+ – which is set to be started later this year. Having privileged access to films considered to be the biggest of the year would usually be a massive boost for the streaming service. The method is related to that of Netflix, which succeeded big at the 2019 Academy Awards with Roma.

Streaming portals such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have obtained financing users by allowing a wide assortment of fresh content, as well as classy material for which the services have private streaming licenses. These arrangements have assisted in keeping users on the portals, and Apple will look to develop a similar approach.