Are you facing Face ID unlock problems? Apple brings Solution for it.

Apple is making it easier to unlock your iPhone since everyone’s wearing masks amid of Corona virus.

Now face masks are a thing across the world, we have to adapt. While they’re great for public health and fighting coronavirus, there’s one way they make life tricker: unlocking our phones. Why? Because their faces weren’t being recognized by any Face ID-enabled iPhone’s, that includes the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and the latest iPhone 11 series.

Masks covering up half their faces; people struggled to unlock their phones, which made it a real hassle when out and about. Sure, when Face ID fails, the phone prompts the user to enter their passcode instead. But the problem lay within the fact that you could only open your passcode if Face ID failed. The update enables users to bring up the passcode screen almost immediately if they’re wearing a face mask. This beta essentially bypasses the Face ID feature to speed up the unlocking process.

face unlock solution with mask
face unlock solution with mask

Granted, you’ll still need to enter your passcode to unlock your iPhone, but at least it’s done a lot quicker than before. The Cupertino tech giant made a move to add this new Face ID bypass feature to help users mitigate the spread of COVID-19. With the iOS new beta, Face ID automatically recognizes when a user is wearing a mask, thus bringing up the passcode screen.

Among the added features is a seed version of Apple’s COVID-19 contact tracing API with Google, which will allow developers and healthcare authorities to produce contact tracing and notification apps in the fight against the infectious disease.

The beta also allows users to toggle COVID-19 exposure notifications on or off.

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